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Independence Day 2023. The city will distribute red and white cotillions. Locations

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November 11 is Independence Day. One of its symbols is a white and red cotillion that can be pinned to clothes. The Warsaw City Hall tells you where you can get it. Some district offices also distribute ribbons.

November 11, at 10 o’clock National cockades will appear on five poles in the following locations:

  • historic Traffic pole located at ul. at Plac Unii Lubelskiej in Warsaw (south side);
  • Traffic Premium pole located at street Marszałkowska on the corner with ul. Wolflikenear the shoe store;
  • Traffic pole located at the junction street Królewska and ul. Nijinsky;
  • Traffic pole located on pl. Wilson at the entrance to the metro;
  • Traffic pole located on Washington Roundabout from the National Stadium side.

There will be a total of 7.5 thousand pieces of bows, 1.5 thousand pieces for each pole. From experience from previous years, you can expect cotillions to end after 1.5-2 hours.

Cotillions in district offices

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They also carry out a campaign of handing out national cockades some District Offices.

  • Mokotów: the cotillions will be distributed at the Mokotów District Office at ul. Rakowiecka 25/27 on Friday during office hours
  • desire: cotillions will be distributed on Friday, November 10 at 12.45 in front of the district office at ul. Grójecka 17a, from where there will be a march to Narutowicza Square, where the main anniversary celebrations in the district will take place.
  • Praga-Północ: on Friday he hands out national ribbons at the Residents’ Services Department at ul. Kłopotowskiego 15. Śródmieście. On Friday morning (while supplies last), officials will distribute cotillions to people dealing with matters at the downtown Resident Services Department (Nowogrodzka 43).
  • Ursynów: at the Ursynów District Office (al. KEN 61) on Friday from At 8.00, cotillions and banners will be distributed (in the information on the ground floor).
  • happy: participants of the district Independence Day celebrations will receive pins with the Polish flag. Pins will be distributed on November 11 before 12.00 (before the start of the ceremony) at the Monument to the Polish Military Organization in the forest on the extension of ul. Brother Albert.
  • Żoliborz: white and red bows in a slightly different shape will be distributed on Friday in front of the Office (ul. Słowackiego 6/8).

Main photo source: TVN24

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