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Independence March in Warsaw organized by nationalists. Wanda Traczyk-Stawska and Anna Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska comment

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On November 11, a nationalist march, which this year had a state character, passed through Warsaw. Wanda Traczyk-Stawska, participant of the Warsaw Uprising, said in “Fakty po Faktach” that for her “the day when Mr. Robert Bąkiewicz led the march was a day of great anger, but also great regret”. – It is very sad that a person has a sense of deja vu, something terrible – said Anna Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska.

On Thursday, on the occasion of Independence Day a march of nationalists passed through Warsawwhich this year was made state-owned by the authorities. The police assessed that the demonstration “was one of the safest that had been held for years”. There were, however, incidents. During that time, among other things, a banner with a portrait of Donald Tusk and the German flag were burned. Participants carried nationalist symbols, including Celtic crosses or ONR phalanxes, and raised anti-EU and discriminatory shouts.


Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska: it is very sad that a person has a sense of deja vu

The participants of the Warsaw Uprising, Wanda Traczyk-Stawska and Anna Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska, were asked on Friday in “Faktach po Faktach”, what emotions they looked at the march and the head of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression, Jan Józef Kasprzyk, who was walking alongside Robert Bąkiewicz, the president of the March of Independence association.

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– It is very sad that a person has a sense of deja vu, something terrible. In a place where we should all be together, in a place where we may have to fight for something, there is a character that my friend Wanda briefly described during our speech at the castle, telling him who he is and what he should do – said Przedpełska -Trzeciakowska.

– After all, we were waiting, we were supposed to wait for this wonderful parade together with women who had neither weapons nor special anti-Bajkiewicz slogans – she added. She referred to an event scheduled for November 11 by a group of 14 Women from Mostwhich was eventually canceled.

A participant in the Warsaw Uprising said that “yesterday we were very happy that Mr. Bąkiewicz did not beat the women, that Mr. Bąkiewicz did not set fire to a few houses, that Mr. Bąkiewicz’s people did not kill anyone”. – It is actually a great joy, and we used to watch on November 11, before the war – she added.

Wanda Traczyk-Stawska: November 11 was a day of great anger and great regret

Traczyk-Stawska, when asked if she would expect this from the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression, said that for her “the day when Mr. Bąkiewicz led the march was a day, I would say, of great anger, but also great regret”. – We, the Warsaw insurgents, always had the ones from ’63 (the January insurgents from 1863 – ed.) As a model, and we always remember and remember in the uprising that these insurgents from ’63 were surrounded by unusual, I would say, protection – she added .

– And we, during the uprising, when we died, and then we were together for a while and talked, we reminded us that all those who have already died and those who will die and those who survive will be equally respected and taken care of. by the state and by the army. We counted on respect from the state and on the part of all Polish citizens, which at that time regained independence, when our fathers fought – said Traczyk-Stawska.

She admitted that “she feels very tired of the fact that it has been going on for so many years that we have not participated in the marches that we dreamed about in our childhood”. – Because the march on November 11 was as important to me as Christmas Eve – emphasized the participant of the Warsaw Uprising. She added that “she had been waiting for this march all year to be with her dad”.

– For me now, the time when people talk about patriotism is a waste of time. You blame the youth for what she is. She was born just like us. But we were brought up by wonderful teachers. Thanks to excellent schools, even though Poland had only 20 years of its statehood regained – she said.

Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska said that her memories on November 11 are the same. – We had a scream a few days ago, rude, vulgar against everything beautiful that was years ago – she assessed.

Traczyk-Stawska: Poland will be white and red

Piotr Kraśko, who hosted the program, noticed that very different people were walking in this march and probably many of them just wanted to enjoy independence, they walked with white and red flags. Traczyk-Stawska was asked what she would say to these people – do not pay attention to who is leading this march and invent it, does it matter who goes there?

– I would say: Poland will never be white, it will be white and red, because there are still alive young people in Poland who will replace us, the old insurgents, and will keep Poland together. And the one that is white, but most of all the one that is red, because you can’t stop people from thinking. They have the right to have their views, but they have no right to impose it on us by force, because each of us is a sovereign, i.e. a free man, which is enshrined in the constitution and how long we can defend this constitution, until our great lawyers defend it, there will be no Poland completely white, nor all red. It will be white and red, as (Konstanty Ildefons) Gałczyński wrote about it – said Traczyk-Stawska.

Przedpełska-Trzeciakowska referred to the burning of the German flag during the march. When asked what she would say to the person who did it, or to those around her, she said, “She doesn’t know what was in that man’s head.” – I think about the worst version – there was nothing there. There is simply nothing in these heads and there are some slogans thrown in these heads, which of course serve someone, because someone does it, someone shapes these young people for a purpose, they will serve something for something, then give them clubs in their hand and tell them to them: beat a Jew, or beat someone, or beat a German. And they will do it. It is the most terrible thing that you do not think – she said. – We really lack thinking in our head. Something’s wrong with us, she assessed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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