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Independence march. Zbigniew Ziobro lodged a complaint with the Supreme Court against the decision of the appellate court prohibiting the organization of the march

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Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, filed an extraordinary complaint with the Supreme Court. It is about revoking the court’s decision prohibiting the registration of the Independence March as a cyclical assembly. Ziobro also requested that this court decision be suspended, the National Prosecutor’s Office reported on Friday.

The extraordinary complaint stated that the adoption by the courts of an incorrect interpretation of the provisions “led to a restriction of the freedom of assembly guaranteed in Article 57 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland”.

Article 57 of the constitution ensures the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. Another article stipulates that a court decides on refusal to register or prohibit the operation of such an association.

The National Prosecutor’s Office further wrote in a statement that “due to the imminent irreparable damage manifested in preventing the organization of a patriotic event with a rich tradition on an important national anniversary, the Prosecutor General also requested that the Court of Appeal in Warsaw issue a decision to suspend the execution of the decision of October 29th. 2021 “.


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The dispute over the organization of the independence march

Konstanty Radziwiłł, the voivode of Mazovia, informed at the end of October that he had signed a decision on the registration of the “March of Independence” cyclical assembly. The Warsaw City Hall did not agree with the decision. The mayor of the city, Rafał Trzaskowski, then appealed against this decision to the District Court. In the same week, the latter overturned Radziwiłł’s decision.

The ruling was not final. The voivode and the organizer of the march of nationalists appealed against the decision of this court.

October 29 The Court of Appeal dismissed these appeals and thus upheld the District Court’s decision repealing the registration of the event. The head of the March of Independence association, Robert Bąkiewicz, later informed that despite the decisions of two courts, the march of the nationalists would follow the planned route.

Independence March (archival photo)TVN24

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