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Independent media: Russia is looking for workers to build fortifications in occupied Crimea

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Russia is recruiting workers for the construction of military fortifications along the North Crimean Canal in occupied Crimea, an independent Russian Telegram channel,Mom Objasnit, reported on Wednesday. People who have already been employed there complain that their work has not been regulated in any way and that the salaries are lower than promised.

The authorities in Moscow and the self-proclaimed Crimean administration recognized that the North Crimean Canal, stretching in the north-eastern part of the peninsula, could be a natural obstacle in the event of an attack by the Ukrainian army. That is why it was ordered to additionally fortify this part of the Crimea and build a line of trenches there – we read on the opposition Telegram channel “Mom Objasnit'”.

People employed in the construction of fortifications are promised a salary of 200,000 rubles a month, i.e. over 11,000 zlotys, for 10 hours of work per day. However, information is coming from Crimea that these encouraging announcements have little to do with reality.

Trenches in the Crimea t.me/Nazars_look

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“We do not conclude any written contracts, and deliveries of building materials are poorly organized,” says one of the workers working near Krasnoperekopsk, quoted by Mozem Objasnit.

“They also do not pay us the promised money. For three days of work, I got 5,000 rubles instead of 7,500. No one from the management is able to give a specific answer to the questions asked,” he complains.

Reports about the construction of military fortifications in the northern and western parts of the Crimean peninsula have been appearing since the end of last year. So far, it has been reported about building concrete fortifications.

PAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

Explosions in Crimea

Starting from August 2022, the sounds of explosions can be heard in Crimea almost every day. The local administration, delegated by Moscow, maintains each time that it is the result of anti-aircraft defense operations or the effective destruction of unmanned aerial vehicles approaching from the direction Ukraine – recalled Radio Swoboda in mid-February.

On March 20, we launched an attack on the railway in the city of Dzhankoy in northern Crimea. This operation was aimed at the complete or at least partial destruction of the enemy’s supply routes towards the occupied territories of southern Ukraine, the general staff of the Ukrainian army announced a day later.

The Crimean peninsula was annexed by Russia in March 2014 as a result of military intervention and an illegal referendum. The authorities in Kiev and the West recognized these actions by the Kremlin as a violation of international law.

Main photo source: t.me/Nazars_look

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