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Indexation of pensions 2023. President of the Social Insurance Institution: most of the eligible persons have already received increases

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As part of this year’s indexation of pensions and disability pensions, benefits increased by 14.8 percent with a minimum increase of PLN 250 gross. According to the assurances of the Social Insurance Institution, most of the more than 10 million pensioners and retirees have already received indexed benefits. In addition, beneficiaries will receive a letter from ZUS.

Old-age and disability pensions are indexed annually on 1 March. This year, the valorization is based on the amount and percentage – benefits increased by 14.8 percent, but not less than PLN 250 gross.

– For example, persons whose benefit amounted to PLN 1,338.44, after indexation, receive PLN 250 more, i.e. PLN 1,588.44. This means an increase of PLN 3,000 per year. The pension of PLN 2,000 increased by PLN 296 to PLN 2,296, which means an additional PLN 3,552 per year. Pensioners receiving a benefit of PLN 3,000 receive PLN 3,444 after indexation (increase by PLN 444). This will translate into an increase of PLN 5,328 per year, the president of the Social Insurance Institution, Professor Gertruda Uścińska, informed the Polish Press Agency.

– There are specified payment dates when entitled persons receive pension benefits: 1, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25 March and also 1 April. Most of the eligible persons have already received increases in benefits – added the president ZUS.

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Uścińska noted that each pensioner will receive a decision from ZUS with information about the new amount of his benefit. As we reported earlier, the start of shipment is planned for the second half of April. The envelope will contain two pieces of information – the valorization decision and the award decision 13. pensionthe amount of the benefit granted will be given.

Indexation of pensions 2023

After this year’s indexation, people who receive the highest benefits gained the most. Pensioners who have so far received a benefit of PLN 2,000 gross (PLN 1,820 net) will receive PLN 269 more. In the case of people who received a pension of PLN 5,000 gross (PLN 4,250 net), it will be more than twice as much, i.e. PLN 585 net.


All pension benefits, to which the right will arise by the end of February 2023, are subject to indexation. If for some reason the payment of the benefit was suspended (e.g. due to the fact that the income exceeded 130% of the average monthly salary), the indexation of the benefit will be possible only when the benefit payment is resumed.

In total, about PLN 44 billion was allocated for this year’s indexation.

Record jump in the number of retirees

“Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” wrote on Wednesday that Poles do not look at incentives to work longer before retirement. Before March 1, i.e. the date of the highest indexation in years, as many as 87,000 people submitted an application to ZUS for this benefit. people, the newspaper reported. That’s about 25,000. people more than in the comparable period a year earlier.

According to Dr. Tomasz Lasocki from the University of Warsaw, “it is worth considering spreading the indexation of benefits into several increases during the year, which together will give the same effect, but the one-time large increase that encourages thousands of pensioners to storm ZUS in February will disappear.” In his opinion, this shows that current incentives to work longer are not working.

The daily indicated that experts from the WiseEuropa think tank in the latest report “Pensions of Freedom. How to shape the pension system for the benefit of pensioners and the economy” propose far-reaching solutions to prevent the imminent collapse of the system. In just over a dozen years, the generation of the current 40-year-olds, retiring, will receive benefits in the amount of 30 percent. their last salary.

“In order to counteract this, experts propose, among others, to equalize the retirement age of men and women to 65 and make the moment of transition to the benefit dependent on the life expectancy forecasts determined every year by the Central Statistical Office” – we read in “DGP”.

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