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India. A pack of monkeys attacked a woman in the toilet. She died of a head injury

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Doctors have failed to save a 70-year-old woman from central India who was attacked by a pack of monkeys when she went to the toilet, the Times of India reports. Police said the cause of death was a head injury she sustained while running away from animals.

The tragedy occurred in the village of Ramareddy in central Telangana state India. The Times of India reports that the monkeys attacked the 70-year-old, whose identity has not been released, when she went to use the restroom. The victim was found by her daughter, who lived with her mother, but was at a wedding at the time of the incident. She was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save her life.

– We learned from locals that when the monkeys attacked, the woman tried to run away. While running, she slipped and fell. She suffered a head injury, as a result of which she died, a local police spokesman said. He added that during the attack, the 70-year-old was not bitten by animals.

It was not specified what species the monkeys that attacked the resident of central India were.

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Monkey attacks in India

This is not the first fatal monkey attack in India. “Newsweek” recalls that in January last year in the northern city of Bagpat, a herd of these animals drowned a two-month-old baby in a water reservoir. Investigators determined that the monkeys kidnapped the infant from the bedroom where it was sleeping next to its grandmother. They had to get inside through an open window.

A few months later, in May, local media wrote about a pack of monkeys terrorizing the inhabitants of the village of Panjlasa, also located in the northern part of India. The animals were to destroy dozens of cars belonging to the locals, as well as attack people on bicycles.

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