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Friday, December 3, 2021

India. At least 400 men were reportedly raped by a homeless teenager. Can identify 25

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A 16-year-old woman living in the streets in India has reportedly been raped in recent years by at least 400 men. The victim of sexual violence sought help from the police, but was also about to be sexually abused there. So far, seven people have been arrested in the case. The victim herself says that she can name at least 25 rapists.

One of the most tragic stories of sexual violence in India has seen the light of a day in recent days. A teenager who now lives on the street has reported hundreds of rapes allegedly committed by men in Beed District, Maharashtra. The perpetrators – in the event of a trial or trials – will be tried, inter alia, under the Act on the Protection of Minors from Sexual Crimes, informs the website of the “India Today” newspaper.

– This girl was tortured every day. We want strict action against all culprits, said women’s rights activist Yogita Bhayana, when asked about the teenager. “This is one of the worst rape cases in history,” she added.

According to CNN, at least seven people were arrested in the case, but the investigation has only just begun. A teenager applied to one of the organizations helping children in India on November 11. In the written statement, she indicated that hundreds of men had raped her. Two policemen were among them.

The injured teenager explains that she “went to the Ambajogai police station several times to file a complaint, but the police did not take any action against the rape perpetrators.” Instead of pursuing the criminals, they also committed sexual violence against her.

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It will probably be impossible to describe all the criminals, but an adolescent girl can identify at least 25 of them, say children’s rights activists dealing with the case.

A protest against sexual violence in India. It is a huge problem therePIYAL ADHIKARY / EPA / PAP

She found herself on the street

The girl was forced to marry at the age of 13. The 33-year-old husband sexually abused her, and her in-laws were also said to have used physical violence, according to her report. The teenager tried to return to her family home, but her father also sexually abused her, she says. After this attack, she fled and decided to live on the street.

There was a continuation of her drama. One day three people showed up at the bus stop where she was sleeping. The men raped her. After that, the rape was not over.

According to India’s Criminal Code, rape is “in the event of sexual intercourse with persons under the age of 18 – both without their consent and with their approval.” The 2019 statistics show that in Indian society, there are an average of 88 rapes every day.

According to the CNN website, citing Indian official data, in 2020 28,000 rapes were reported across India, but the statistics are almost certainly underestimated, because women and children do not have adequate protection in a caste, patriarchal society.

Main photo source: PIYAL ADHIKARY / EPA / PAP

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