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India, Balasore – train crash, train collision. 288 people died; initial causes of the tragedy: wrong signal sent to the driver

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According to the Indian carrier, a faulty signal caused three trains to collide near the city of Balasore on Friday. At least 288 people died in the disaster. – We heard a bang, then we went outside, where there were a lot of bodies – passengers of one of the trains report.

The tragedy happened on Friday evening near the train station in Bahanaga, about 10 kilometers south of Balasore, we reported. Representatives of the Indian carrier in an interview with Reuters report that the tragedy in which at least 288 people lost their lives was most likely due to a wrong signal to the driver of the Coromandel Express train – running between Calcutta and Chenna.

“The Coromandel Express was supposed to run on the main line, but instead the signal was given for the loop line and the train hit a stationary freight train. Its cars then fell onto the tracks on both sides, leading to the derailment of another train, the Howrah Superfast Express,” KS said. Anand from the press office of the Indian carrier, South Eastern Railways.

One of the worst disasters in Indian history

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According to the latest data, in the collision of three trains – two passenger and freight – at least 288 people died and nearly 900 were injured. There were about 2,000 passengers in both passenger trains. people. The authorities announced the end of the rescue operation. According to the announcement, all the wounded and trapped in the wrecked wagons have been found.

Train crash in Odisha Balasore, India EPA/PIYAL ADHIKARY Supplier: PAP/EPA.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the crash site. He talked to the injured in the accident and the participants of the rescue operation.

Words cannot express my deep sadness. We are obliged to provide all possible assistance to the victims – said the politician quoted by Reuters. He added that although the exact causes of the disaster are not yet known, those who may be found guilty “will be severely punished.”

Railway accident in IndiaNational Disaster Response Force

Indian Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw announced that the families of the deceased will receive one million rupees (about PLN 50,000), while those seriously injured will receive Rs 200,000, and 50,000 for minor injuries. rupees. Some state governments are also offering compensation.

Friday’s disaster was one of the deadliest rail disasters in India’s history. The most tragic occurred in 1981, when a train fell off a bridge into a river in the state of Bihar. About 800 people died then. In India, the railways carry 13 million passengers every day. Due to the outdated infrastructure and poor technical condition of the rolling stock, they are considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

Train crash in Odisha Balasore, India EPA/PIYAL ADHIKARY Supplier: PAP/EPA.

Witnesses: we thought we were already dead

Passengers who survived the accident say that the collision happened when some of the passengers were sleeping. – I woke up to the terrible noise of a derailed train. I saw around 10, maybe 15 dead people. I managed to get out of the wagon, there were dismembered bodies everywhere – said one of the participants in the accident, interviewed by Reuters journalists.

Intervention of services in India after a train crashReuters

“When the accident happened, I thought I was dead. When I realized that I had managed to survive, I started to head towards the emergency window to get out of the train. The carriage went off the tracks and overturned, reports a 25-year-old passenger who was standing in the seat at the time of the accident. He says that there was already a chaotic rescue operation outside: – We saw a lot of dead people. Everyone was either trying to save their lives or looking for loved ones, the man was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Balasore, IndiaGoogle Maps

Main photo source: EPA/PIYAL ADHIKARY Supplier: PAP/EPA.

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