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India. Elephants attack people while walking. There are fatalities

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Elephants have killed three people in the Indian state of Assam in two weeks. The latest attack occurred on Tuesday, when the animal attacked a woman during her morning walk. The media emphasizes that the conflict between humans and animals will deepen with the increasing fragmentation of elephants’ natural habitats.

According to local media, the latest attack occurred on Tuesday. A woman from the state of Assam went for a morning walk near the city of Goalpara, but during the trip she came across an aggressive elephant. Her body was later found by local officers.

The tragedy occurred shortly after the previous fatal encounter with an elephant. On Sunday, October 8, a couple walking in the Goalpara region came across a herd of elephants. The animals attacked, and although witnesses of the event rushed to help people, they could not be saved.

Animal and human conflict

These are not the only cases of elephants attacking people in Assam. At the beginning of September, an elephant attacked two men in the town of Subanhata, located on the border with Bhutan. One of them was trampled to death and died on the spot, and the other tried to escape. To lose the animal’s trail, he jumped into a river flowing nearby, but he did not survive.

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According to local media, the conflict between elephants and people in India is getting more and more intense. One of its causes is the progressive fragmentation of natural animal habitats. The giant mammals need about 150 kilograms of food and 200 liters of water a day, which means they have to move from place to place. Human settlements and infrastructure make their migration difficult.

Local media report that attempts to resolve the conflict bloodlessly include erecting fences and scaring away elephants from the town. However, these solutions only work in places where there are still intact forest areas with watering holes where animals can move. Protecting forests in fragmented habitats is therefore crucial to the sustainability of these solutions.

Main photo source: Sourabh Bharti/Shutterstock

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