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India. He spent 603 nights at the hotel – he didn’t pay for any. An investigation is underway

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One guest spent almost 20 months in a five-star hotel in Delhi, India. However, the man did not pay a single rupee for his stay. At least he hadn’t made any payment recorded in the hotel’s system. Investigators suspect that a “regular customer” paid cash to colluding staff members.

According to Indian Express, Guwahati native Ankush Dutta checked into the Roseate House Hotel in Dehli on May 30, 2019, and was due to leave the next day. But the man extended his stay by more than 600 nights. He only checked out on January 22, 2021, which is exactly 603 days after he entered the hotel. He did not pay the bill, which amounted to about 5.8 million Indian rupees, or the equivalent of over 70,000 dollars.

How is this possible? According to an Indian Express article, some hotel employees may have colluded with him. The management of the facility, in the content of the complaint filed with the police, accused them of i.a. fraud and falsification of documents. Investigators suspect that employees manipulated the hotel’s internal system. The Indian daily reports on its website that the matter came to light when management checked hotel records.

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India. Hotel cheated by staff

“Indian Express” explains that no one has been charged in connection with the case so far, but an investigation is underway, which includes, among others, Mr. the head of the hotel reception. As we read further in the article, investigators believe that the motive of his and other staff members was to accept from Dutta cash payments that were not recorded in the system. In this way, the money would go directly to their pockets instead of the hotel’s cash register. The hotel staff allegedly used various methods to conceal the man’s long stay. Indian Express lists among them: changing the rooms in the system to which he was assigned, or transferring his receivables to the accounts of other guests.

Police determined that Dutta had previously visited the Roseate House Hotel and made cash payments there, which are also under investigation.

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