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India. Kerala. The cleaners contributed to one lottery ticket. They won the grand prize, they became millionaires

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The coupon cost the equivalent of $3, which is just over PLN 12 – exactly the same as their daily salary. 11 cleaners from India entered a lottery ticket. The results were announced last week. It turned out that they won the main prize together and received 63 million rupees, which is the equivalent of over 3 million zlotys. “We couldn’t believe it,” said one of the winners.

The lucky owners of the winning ticket live in the city of Parappanangadi in the Malappuram district of the Indian state of Kerala in the south of the country. On a daily basis, they collect non-degradable household waste and clean toilets. They earn about 250 rupees a day, which is the equivalent of just over 12 zlotys or 3 dollars. This is usually not enough to cover the cost of all basic life needs.

Most of these women are repaying the loans they have to take out to pay for medical treatment, children’s education and other essential expenses, the BBC writes. Five of them come from the “untouchables” caste at the bottom of the Indian social hierarchy.

They bought a lottery ticket together. He turned out to be happy

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As the BBC writes, having no particular prospects for changing their life situation, the women decided to try their luck in a lottery organized by the Kerala state authorities. One coupon cost exactly the same as their daily salary, so the friends joined forces.

One of the cleaners, 72-year-old Kuttimalu, told the BBC that she was saddened by the news of the fundraiser because she did not have enough money for the agreed contribution. Then one of my friends said that she had 25 rupees and was ready to lend her half of that amount. So both women contributed 12.5 rupees each for their share of the voucher, while the other nine friends contributed 25 rupees each. “We agreed that if we won, we would split equally,” Kittimalu said. “We didn’t expect to win such a huge amount of money,” she added.

The women learned about the win last week, the day after the announcement of the lottery results. “We couldn’t believe it,” said Radha, 49. – This is the fourth time we have bought a lottery ticket. Four times a charm, she said.

After taxes, the women will receive a total of 63 million rupees, or the equivalent of over $760,000.

Sale of lottery tickets organized by the State of KeralaAP Photo/RS Iyer/EastNews

“I will finally know peace”

“I’m drowning in debt so this money will be a huge relief,” said Leela, 50, a mother of four. – I’m finally at peace. But all the tension will go away from me only when the money appears in my account – she added.

“Luck has never favored me,” said Baby, 62. Her house was destroyed in the 2018 Kerala flood. Now he plans to rebuild it and pay off debts.

Bindu, 50, lost her husband last year to kidney failure. The family could not afford a transplant. “He used the money we collected for dialysis to buy lottery tickets,” the woman told the BBC. “He left before we could finish building our house,” she added.

Lakshmi, 49, said her family feared for their future before winning. Her husband, a construction worker, was unable to find work because of the heavy rains that affected the state. Now the couple no longer have to worry. With the money won in the lottery, he wants to finance his daughter’s studies.

They all went back to their jobs

The day after their life-changing win, all 11 women showed up at work as usual. “We decided one thing,” Leela said. “We’re not going to leave this job because it’s what brought us happiness,” she added.

Main photo source: AP Photo/RS Iyer/EastNews

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