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India. Nearly 90 fatalities due to weather. The rain keeps falling

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This year’s monsoon season is truly ruthless for the people of India. Landslides and flash floods killed nearly 90 people in several states. Many roads are still impassable, so rescuers are unable to reach many regions with help.

At least 88 people have died in disasters caused by recent heavy rainfall, according to information provided by the Indian police. Several states experienced severe flooding and landslides.

“All the buildings that are collapsing now were built in recent years”

Masses of earth and mud that covered parts of Manipur state, including part of the highway near the city of Imphal, significantly hindered the arrival of help. Hundreds of trucks that transported fuel and essentials for the affected residents got stuck on the road. What’s worse – it’s still raining – so the obstacles can’t be removed yet.

Landslides and floods also destroyed hundreds of structures. The most tragic event occurred in the city of Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh, where On Monday, a temple full of worshipers collapsed. At least 72 people have died and about 15 are still missing, according to crisis management official Praveen Bhardwaj. State chief Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu told local media that mass construction and poor construction projects were to blame for the incident. – All the buildings that collapsed now were built in recent years. Houses built 100 years ago are still standing, Anand Sharma, a retired meteorologist with the Indian Meteorological Department, told the AP.

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Landslide damage in ShimlaPAP/EPA/STR

Landslide damage in ShimlaPAP/EPA/STR

Sukhu said it will take at least a year and cost more than $1.2 billion to rebuild the infrastructure damaged by this year’s monsoon rains.

In the neighboring state of Uttarakhand, landslides killed at least 16 people. However, according to government data, the tragic balance may be even greater, as a dozen or so residents have still not been found.

Landslide damage in ShimlaPAP/EPA/STR

Landslide damage in ShimlaPAP/EPA/STR

Dangerous time

This year’s monsoon season, lasting from June 1, is unusually heavy with rain. India’s meteorologists said Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand had overruns of 45 percent and 18 percent, respectively. Last month it also rained heavily. In the former state, 88 people died. In Uttarakhand, 74 people have lost their lives since the beginning of the dangerous period in 2010.

According to experts, the intensification of monsoon rainfall is a consequence of climate change. In addition to India, flash floods and landslides are more common in neighboring Pakistan and Nepal.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/STR

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