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Friday, January 21, 2022

India, Sri Lanka. Dozens of deaths after floods

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The tragic result of the floods in India and Sri Lanka increased to 41 deaths. Lots of houses were flooded, classes in schools and universities were canceled, and trains were not running. The weather is set to start improving soon.

The downpours in southern India and Sri Lanka killed at least 41 people.

Forecasted improvement in weather

25 people died in Sri Lanka. Most of the victims drowned, five were killed in landslides.

In the country, the weather is set to improve on Thursday as the low-pressure system that brought about the fierce weather has already started to recede.

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Flooded houses, closed schools

Synoptics predict an improvement in the weather also in India. Its Meteorological Department predicts that rain may still fall in most flooded areas. The precipitation will be much weaker, but due to the difficult situation in the region, roads may still be flooded and houses may be flooded.

“The worst is over, but occasional rains will still come,” said Pradeep John, an Indian amateur forecaster known as the Tamil Nadu Weatherman. – The rainfall will come and go, but the gaps will be large and there will be nothing to worry about.

Part of the city of Chennai in southern India was flooded with water. Thousands of inhabitants of the lower places were forced to flee their homes. In order to remove water from some districts, the services had to use pumps.

Dozens of schools and colleges have been closed across Tamil Nadu. There were regions where trains were suspended.

The torrential aura is caused by the monsoon season, which the southern Asian countries struggle with from October to December.


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