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India. The biggest elections in the world. The exit poll results are in

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According to the first surveys, The Indian People's Party (BJP), led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, won the majority of votes – Reuters reported on Saturday afternoon.

“Polls suggest that the BJP has done better than most analysts predicted,” it noted. Citing a CNN News18 poll, The BJP may win 355 to 370 seats.

“It means that first Narendra Modi, already considered the most powerful Indian leader since Indira Gandhi, he will rule for another five years” – underlines Tomasz AugustyniakInterii correspondent.

Elections in India. The biggest vote in the world

Elections in India started on April 19 and lasted six weeks. Nearly 970 million citizens were entitled to vote. The final results are scheduled to be announced on Tuesday.

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The vote was divided into: seven stages, and 15 million officials supervised it. During the elections 543 seats in the lower house of parliament are up for grabsthe People's Chamber that elects premiere.

In the last election frequency was approximately 67 percent This year, the number of people who went to one of over million voting pointsthe weather affected.

A heatwave at the end of voting affected turnout, which today in the densely populated states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar is around 55 percent. It is in this part of India that the fate of about 20 percent is decided. parliamentary mandates,” Tomasz Augustyniak points out.

The stakes of the Indian elections

The main competition in the elections took place between… Indian People's Party (BJP) and the opposition Indian National Congress (INC) with Chairman Mallikarjun Kharge and his ally Rahul Gandhi. Although analysts did not give the INC any chance of taking power, the stakes of the election were different.

Source: Reuters, Inter

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