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India. The bridge collapsed for the second time in a year. The deadline for completion was postponed eight times

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A bridge over the Ganges River in India, which has been under construction for nine years, has partially collapsed. The media recall that the structure collapsed for the first time a year earlier, and the completion of its construction was postponed eight times. According to a local authority official, the bridge is “not built properly, which is why it keeps collapsing,” the Hindustan Times reported.

A 200-meter section of a four-lane bridge over the Ganges, which was ultimately to connect the villages of Sultanganj and Aguwani in eastern Indiacollapsed on Sunday. “Eyewitnesses said there were many people working on the bridge when it started to collapse,” The Hindu newspaper reported. Local authorities said a day later that there were no fatalities, but one person working as a security guard was missing, Indian Express reported.

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The bridge collapsed for the first time in 2022

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The state of Bihar, where the unfinished bridge was located, has ordered an investigation into the incident, The Hindu reported that the structure, which had been under construction since 2014, first partially collapsed last year “due to strong wind and rain”. The bridge was supposed to be ready in 2019, but the completion date was postponed eight times. “Instead of punishing the construction company for the delay, the government continued to give time to complete the work,” noted The Hindu. After Sunday’s incident, social media circulated recordings showing the bridge disappearing into the river and crowds of people gathered on the banks of the Ganges.

A 200-meter section of the bridge collapsed into the river

The day after the second bridge collapsed, Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said that “it is not being built properly, that’s why it keeps collapsing,” the Hindustan Times reported, pointing out that it was Kumar who laid the foundation stone for the nine years earlier.

Also on Monday, another state official, Tejashwi Yadav, told a news conference that the bridge had been “scheduled for demolition” on Sunday as experts discovered “serious flaws” in its design. They were supposed to do this during work on the yet unpublished report on the condition of the bridge, which was undertaken after the collapse (of its part – ed.) a year earlier. The New Indian, reporting on the conference, described Yadav’s words as a “bizarre statement”.

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