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India. The defendant’s house was demolished. He was about to urinate on a member of the tribal people

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The Indian state of Madhya Pradesh ordered the demolition of the home of a man arrested for indecent behavior. A video of him earlier urinating on a member of the tribal community has outraged India. As noted by CNN, this is not the first time Indian authorities have demolished the homes of people accused of crimes.

Social media users in India have been outraged in recent days by a video showing a man smoking a cigarette urinating on the face of a person sitting on the side of the road. This person was introduced as 36-year-old Dasmat Ravat, a representative of the local tribal people, who is very low in the caste hierarchy of Indian society. The man urinating was identified as Madhya Pradesh resident Pravesh Shukla.

Defendant’s house was demolished

The outrage of Internet users who saw the video made the local authorities take up his case. “As soon as the video went viral, the police took action,” Priya Singh, the deputy superintendent of police in Sidhi District, where the incident allegedly happened a year ago, told CNN. Shukla was arrested on Tuesday and charged with indecent conduct. It is punishable by a fine or up to two years in prison.

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However, these are not all the consequences that Pravesh Shukla faced. State authorities also ordered the demolition of his home. This order was promptly carried out, and on Wednesday the network circulated videos showing his house being destroyed by a bulldozer. According to CNN, citing information provided by the local police, state authorities determined that the building was built illegally.

CNN notes that this is not the first time that Indian authorities have ordered the demolition of the house of a person accused of a crime. Following the April 2022 sectarian riots in the same state, several properties belonging to individuals identified as “rebels” and “intruders” were demolished. At that time, it was also found that the properties had not been built illegally on public land.

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Indian tribal people

At the same time, local politicians decided to find the 36-year-old victim on the recording. State government member Shivraj Singh Chouhan met with Dasmat Ravat before the cameras on Thursday and ritually washed his feet. “Ever since I saw the video of this incident, my heart is deeply disturbed and filled with pain,” he tweeted at the time.

According to the US Agency for International Development, the tribal community makes up about 8.6 percent of India’s total population. Despite laws designed to protect them, its members, along with other people belonging to lower castes, are subject to regular discrimination, the BBC notes.

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