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India. The husband killed his wife, let the cobra into bed. He got a double life sentence

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In India, a man who killed his wife with a cobra was convicted. The prosecution demanded the death penalty, arguing that it was “one of the rarest cases of murder the country has ever seen.” However, the court imposed a penalty of double life imprisonment.


Convicted Sooraj Kumar was arrested last year after his wife, Uthra, died from a snake bite.

Police opened an investigation after the woman’s family accused Kumar of murder and filed a complaint with a court in the city of Kollam. Relatives became suspicious when, a few weeks before her death, their daughter was bitten for the first time by a snake – a chain viper. Previously, Kumar allegedly harassed the Uthra family for a dowry.

Cobra put in bed

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On Monday, a city court ruled that the accused was guilty of letting the cobra into bed while his wife was sleeping in it. During this time, a 25-year-old woman was recovering from her first bite. She was found dead there. The crime took place in May 2020.

Police investigation indicated that Uthra’s husband was behind the attacks of the snakes. The services also arrested the man who helped Kumar get the reptiles. The arrested person confirmed the police’s suspicions and helped end the investigation.

The BBC reports, citing Indian media reports, that the case materials spanned a thousand pages and detailed an elaborate conspiracy planned and carried out by Sooraj.

Prosecutors’ offices argued that it was “one of the rarest cases the country has ever seen” and demanded the death penalty for the accused. The judge agreed that this was a rare case, but imposed a different sentence – double life imprisonment.

In addition to being sentenced to twice life imprisonment, Kumar has to pay a fine of 500,000. Indian rupees (about PLN 26,000).


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