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India. The transgender couple had a baby

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A transgender couple gave birth to a baby in the Indian state of Kerala on Wednesday. His parents – 21-year-old Zia Paval and 23-year-old Zahad – became famous on social media on January 31, when they decided to publish a pregnancy photo session.

Paval announced that her partner Zahad gave birth to the baby on Wednesday morning. “Tears of joy flow to the eyes,” she added in an Instagram post. “Although I was not a woman, neither by birth nor by body, the dream I had all the time was (become – ed.) a mother. I knew that femininity was in me” – she confessed earlier in a post in which she shared announced her pregnancy with her partner.

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The first child of a transgender couple in India

As reported by the BBC, Zahad and Paval, after consulting a doctor, decided to discontinue the hormone therapy used so far, out of concern for the health and safety of future offspring, even before trying to conceive. As the new parents emphasize, according to their knowledge, they are the first transgender people in Indiawho can “declare themselves biological parents”. Initially, the couple held off on announcing the pregnancy, due to requests from Zahad’s mother. After receiving her approval, however, they decided to announce the news on social media. “Of course there are people, both within and outside the transgender community, who believe in stereotypes. They think a trans man can’t be pregnant, but it doesn’t matter.

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Although the couple’s baby was born a month before the expected delivery, both the newborn and Zahad are healthy, the parents said. They added that they do not want to make the baby’s name or gender public at this time. “Zahad will be back to work about two months after giving birth. Then I will take care of the child, ”said Paval, talking about plans for the future.

What is known about the parents? Paval was assigned a male gender at birth, while Zahad was assigned a female gender. However, none of them identified with the gender assigned to them. The couple met 3 years ago, and decided to enlarge the family about 18 months later. As neither of them had completed their gender reassignment process yet, it was possible to conceive naturally.

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