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India. Trapped in a tunnel in Uttarakhand, they are waiting for help for the 12th day. The action is delayed by failures

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The rescue operation in a collapsed road tunnel in northern India continues for a twelfth day. It was expected that the 41 workers trapped inside would be rescued on Thursday morning, but further failures of the drilling machine are delaying the operation. Work was scheduled to resume on Friday.

Down collapse of a road tunnel under construction in the state of Uttarakhand on the north India it happened on November 12. About 200 meters of the tunnel collapsed and 41 workers were trapped inside.

So far, rescue teams have managed to drill through about three-quarters of the 60-foot layer of debris preventing workers from getting out. However, it is not clear when the work will be completed. According to previous assumptions, this was to take place on Thursday morning. A drilling machine failure and unforeseen complications delayed the action. After overnight equipment repairs, work is to be resumed on Friday, it was announced in a government announcement issued in the early morning hours.

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Rescue operation in a tunnel in northern India

According to the plan, after drilling through the layer of rubble, pipes are to be inserted into the hole and then welded together. This way, the trapped workers are to be carried out on stretchers, most likely equipped with wheels. It is not yet known when this may happen. What this would look like is presented in a video prepared by the Indian National Disaster Response Force.

– It is difficult to establish a schedule for such a complex operation. Much depends on what rescuers encounter while drilling through the rubble, Syed Ata Hasnain, a member of the National Disaster Response Force, said on Thursday, quoted by the BBC. On the same day, Arnold Dix, a tunneling expert assisting in the operation, admitted that the drilling machine had already broken down three times in recent days. – The distance between us and the trapped men is comparable to the length of a bus. We hoped to reach them today (Thursday – editor) in the morning, but it seems that the mountain had a different opinion – he said.

On Wednesday, work was suspended after rescue teams came across a thick metal rod while drilling, which they had to cut using a gas cutter. The operation is not made easier by the susceptibility to landslides and earthquakes of the area where it is carried out. Conditions in which prisoners expect help can be seen thanks to recordings recorded by a camera that was transported on Tuesday through a pipe installed the day before. Same route to the miners food supplies are being sent.

A rescue operation is underway in a road tunnel in northern IndiaABHYUDAYA KOTNALA/EPA/PAP

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Main photo source: twitter.com/TOICitiesNews

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