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Indonesia. ASEAN Summit. Antony Blinken: Sergei Lavrov’s behavior indicates that Russia has no intention of changing course for the time being

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The fastest way to end the war is to deprive Vladimir Putin of any illusions that he can wait out Ukraine and the countries that support it, said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken after the ASEAN summit in Jakarta. However, he added that the behavior of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Indonesia shows that Russia has no intention of changing course for the time being.

Blinken pointed out on Friday during a press conference taken at the summit FOR THIS declaration of long-term commitments to Ukraine’s security and economy as “the best way to deprive Vladimir Putin ideas that it can somehow wait out Ukraine and wait out dozens of countries supporting Ukraine.

“And that’s probably the quickest way to end this war, because as long as Putin thinks he can just continue it indefinitely – despite the extraordinary damage he’s doing to his own country … – he’s likely to keep doing it,” the secretary said. US state.

Sergey Lavrov at the ASEAN Summit in JakartaPAP/EPA/ADI WEDA/POOL

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Blinken: Lavrov represented a totally negative agenda

When asked whether he had spoken during the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) summit with the head of of the Russian Foreign MinistryBlinken replied that the behavior Sergey Lavrov during the meetings, he indicates that Russia has no intention of changing course for the time being and the talks would be unproductive. He also stated that Lavrov’s “interventions” in Jakarta were “unconstructive” and that he presented a “totally negative agenda”, blaming the US for all the world’s problems.

Earlier, the Russian’s behavior was similarly commented on by the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrellclaiming that Lavrov responded “very aggressively” to the call for Russian forces to withdraw, saying that “everything is a Western conspiracy and that the war will continue.”

Sergey Lavrov in JakartaPAP/EPA/ADI WEDA/POOL

During the summit, Blinken called on states to “push for a just and lasting peace” in Ukraine and oppose the war, which also hurts them. During the conference, he said that the countries of Southeast Asia “clearly stand for the basic principles of the United Nations Charter”, which are being attacked by Russia in Ukraine. He also said that he had discussed the war with Chinese diplomat Wang Yi.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/ADI WEDA/POOL

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