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Indonesia. Emergency landing of the plane. There was an engine fire

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Due to engine failure Garuda Indonesia's Boeing 747 line made an emergency landing at the city's airport Makassaron the southwest coast of Sulawesi.

Indonesia: Plane engine fire. The pilot turned back

The plane was supposed to fly from Indonesia to Medina in Saudi Arabia, however shortly after the loss, the pilot decided to return to the port of Makassar.

“The decision was made by the commander immediately after takeoff, taking into account engine problemswhich required further investigation,” said Irfan Setiaputra, president of the airline, in a statement.

The release stated that the crew noticed smoke coming from one of the engines “sparks of fire”. Media reports also indicate that witnesses also shot a gun smoke.

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Emergency landing Evacuation of passengers and crew

There were on board the machine 450 passengers and 18 crew membersamong them were pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia. Passengers and staff were evacuated on time. Nothing happened to anyone.

A recording of what is said to have appeared on social media plane engine fire during take-off.

Indonesia is an island country belonging to Malay Archipelago. It relies heavily on air transport, which connects its components thousands of islands.

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