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Infertility is an increasing problem in Poland. “PiS completely does not understand what social policy and family policy are”

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Fewer and fewer children are born in Poland, and more and more people struggle with infertility. The treatment is very expensive and out of reach for many couples. In 2016, PiS decided to suspend the government’s in vitro financing program. Some local governments took up financing.

The 500 plus program, and from 2024 800 plus, is one of the flagship programs of Law and Justice, which is intended to support, among other things, fertility. However, the number of children born in Poland is decreasing. – PiS does not understand at all what social policy and family policy are. He thinks that it is enough to give people some money to let them go and not expect anything more from the state – says Izabela Leszczyna, Civic Coalition.

For many, a child is an unfulfilled dream – in Poland, 1.5 million couples struggle with the problem of infertility. – Infertility is one of the diseases that even has its own number, a code of the international classification of diseases. Therefore, it requires some treatment – emphasizes Dr. Maciej Socha, Saint Adalbert’s Hospital in Gdańsk.

Young candidates about social programs, in vitro and the ChurchTVN24

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Dispute about in vitro

– Let us remember that in situations such as when, for example, we have blocked fallopian tubes, when we have a significantly reduced ovarian reserve, i.e. the ability to obtain egg cells, when these medical parameters are very bad, (in vitro – editor’s note) this is the only form solutions and chances of having children for couples – emphasizes Dr. Patrycja Sadowska, InviMed Clinic.

Unfortunately, in vitro is very expensive. We are talking about even several thousand zlotys. – The reproductive age of patients is shifting and this causes an increase in the rate of infertility. T how we live, what stress we are exposed to, how we eat, how food is modified. All this means that the fertility rate is actually decreasing and the demand for the procedure (in vitro – editor’s note) will be increasing – adds Dr. Sadowska.

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The government program that financed in vitro fertilization operated in Poland in 2013-2016. Thanks to it, over 22,000 children were born. After PiS came to power, the program was suspended. – This is a medical procedure that should be financed from the state budget – emphasizes Agata Dzikowska, Wrocław City Hall.

Today, some local governments replace the government and finance the in vitro procedure. Wrocław boasts the city’s youngest inhabitants. – We want to help the inhabitants of Wrocław where the state budget does not help. Today we have the latest data. 218 children were born from this program. We are very happy that this program is effective, says Agata Dzikowska.

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This year, 363 couples will take part in the Krakow in vitro program. The city will allocate nearly PLN 2 million for this purpose. – Thanks to this program, 45 children were born. These are children who probably would never have been born if it weren’t for this program. And how much joy there is – says Dariusz Nowak, Krakow City Hall.

Tychy offered help to its residents for the first time. – The first couples lined up the day before. Before the date when the submission of applications began. We decided that since there is so much interest, it is worth announcing a second edition – explains Maciej Gramatyka, vice-president of Tychy.

In-vitro procedurePAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

The voice of politicians

During the “Time of Decision” debate on TVN24, representatives of five election committees also discussed the issue of in vitro. The representative of the Confederation did not answer the question about in vitro financing. The remaining participants agreed that reimbursement is necessary in the current demographic crisis. – This is the right to happiness for many families, this is the right to motherhood, this is the right to parenthood for Poles – enumerates Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition. Again, none of the representatives of the ruling party participated in the debate.

Watch the “Time of Decision” debate on TVN24 GO

However, it is difficult to forget a certain statement by Law and Justice MP Barbara Bartuś, who stated in May that in vitro “is not a fight against infertility, but a human production.”. – In vitro fertilization is a medical tool that simply allows couples to get pregnant. It is not magic – explains Dr. Maciej Socha.

According to the Central Statistical Office, by 2050 the population of Poland will decrease by almost 4.5 million.

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