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Inflation – December. The Central Statistical Office has released new data

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Inflation in December 2022 amounted to 16.6 percent year on year, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported. This result is in line with the initial estimate. By comparison, inflation was 17.5 percent year-on-year in November. Detailed data shows that the prices of sugar and heating fuel increased the most during the year.

At the beginning of January, the Central Statistical Office reported in the so-called quick estimate that inflation last month it was 16.6 percent. Every year.

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In December, compared to November, the prices of consumer goods and services increased by 0.1 percent.

Inflation in Poland – December 2022

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According to data published on Friday, food prices rose the most during the year – 22.1 percent. and flats – by 20.6 percent. Transportation prices were 13.3% lower than in the previous year. higher than a year ago, in terms of restaurants and hotels – by 18.7 percent, and recreation and culture – by 14.7 percent.

The details show that the price of fuel increased by 83.1 percent. Every year. Gas prices increased by 24.8 percent, and heat energy – by 29.6 percent. We also pay much more for diesel oil than in the same period a year earlier – by 28.2 percent. Transport services are more expensive by 30%.

FROM data from the Central Statistical Office it follows that sugar rose by 87.4 percent. Every year. By 37.9 percent. you also have to pay more for flour, and 31 percent. more – for poultry meat. Milk, cheese and eggs rose by an average of 28%. Every year. More by 36.4 percent. vegetable fats too. In addition, according to the data of the Central Statistical Office, coffee lovers have to pay 23 percent more for it. more than in the same period last year.

You also need to reach deeper into your wallet when planning your vacation. Domestic organized tourism went up by 17.1%, while organized tourism abroad – by 30.3%.

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