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Inflation – February 2023. What has increased the most? Sugar is the clear leader

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Inflation in Poland is at its highest level for over 26 years. Growth in the prices of goods and services in February 2023 accelerated to 18.4 percent year-on-year, from 16.6 percent in January. The growth leader is sugar.

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) reported on Wednesday that inflation in Feb. increased to 18.4 percent Every year. The last time inflation exceeded the 18 percent mark on an annualized basis was in December 1996, when it was 18.5 percent.

Inflation – what has gone up the most?

WITH data from the Central Statistical Office it appears that in February Food prices rose the most over the year 24.0 percent and transport – o 23.7 percent Prices for the use of a flat or house and energy carriers were approx 22.7 percent higher than last year.

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The detailed data show that the leader of the increases is sugar, for which you have to pay about 85.2 percent more.

Fuel became more expensive by 53.6 percent Every year. Gas prices increased by 23.7 percentand thermal energy – o 40.0 percent We also pay much more for diesel than in the same period a year earlier – o 40.9 percent and gasoline- 27.7 percent Transport services are more expensive by 21.8 percent.

Which foods have gone up the most?

Rice has gone up in price 29.9 percentflour of 32.8 percentand bread at 26.6 percent We also pay much more for pasta and pasta products than in the same period a year earlier – o 24.0 percentand meat- 26.2 percentincluding e.g. beef increased by 18.3 percentpork approx 33.5 percentand poultry o 25.9 percent Meat prices have gone up 23.6 percent

Eggs are more expensive 35.6 percentmilk of 37.8 percentoils and fats 21.5 percent In turn, fruit and vegetables rose in price at that time by correspondingly 17.9 and 22.3 percent

Lovers of coffee, which has become more expensive, must also reach deeper into their wallets 19.9 percent Tea, on the other hand, is more expensive 11.2 percent than last year.

There are also two exceptions. In February this year compared to the situation a year ago telecommunications equipment became cheaper (by 1.3%) and audiovisual, photographic and IT equipment (by 0.6%).

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