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Inflation in Poland and a poll for “Fakty” TVN. Professor Witold Orłowski and Professor Radosław Markowski comment

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79 percent of those polled are worried about the rise in prices in Poland, according to a Kantar poll for “Fakt” TVN and TVN24. On Tuesday, the guests of “Fakty po Faktach” were asked about inflation in Poland. – It’s just a little out of control. It is already at the level that we notice – said Professor Witold Orłowski. According to professor Radosław Markowski, rising prices are always painful. At the same time – as he added – “it is also a political tool.”

In the Kantar poll for “Fakty” TVN and TVN24 respondents were asked if they were worried about price increases in Poland. The statement “I am worried about the increase in prices in Poland” was “definitely” agreed by 61 percent of the respondents, and 18 percent chose the answer “I rather agree”. “I tend to disagree” was answered by 10 percent of the respondents, and “I strongly disagree” – 9 percent.


Prof. Witold Orłowski, chief economic advisor to PwC and prof. Radosław Markowski, political scientist from the SWPS University.

Prof. Orłowski: Inflation has already gotten a bit out of control

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According to Professor Orłowski, rising prices affect everyone. – It touches you in different ways. He touches poor people in their food bills, and he touches rich people when they see their savings melt away by inflation, he said.

The highest price increase in Poland in 20 yearsTVN24

– Inflation has just gotten out of control a bit. It is already at the level that we notice. For 20 years, we have become unaccustomed to the fact that we have noticeable inflation. Prices rose a little, but it did not fundamentally change our image so that we would say that wage growth is not an increase in wages, but compensation for inflation. We found that prices are rising a bit, but in general we have stable money – said the TVN24 guest.

The professor noted that achieving the stability of money was an enormous effort. – We had 20% unemployment for this reason – he explained.

As Orłowski said, “inflation is a strange animal”. – When she wakes up and we believe that she will be alive, she is alive and can take off. It depends on our expectations. It is said that in modern monetary policy, the main task of the central bank is not to decide whether to raise interest rates or not. The task is actually to control inflation expectations, that is, to convince us that if inflation is too high, the central bank will not hesitate to use the tools that will be needed to fight it – he explained.

Professor Markowski on the increase in prices in PolandTVN24

Markowski: rising prices are also a political tool

– There are two aspects to what happens with prices. One is the rise in prices, and that is always painful for most, although it is also a political tool. Inflation is a way of dealing with social inequalities. Especially when there is “political money” that goes to certain groups, while others do not receive it, said Professor Markowski.

The second issue related to prices – the TVN24 guest explained – is the fact that “explaining to people why the prices of certain products are rising and how to act with it is extremely important, if you look at it from the point of view of social protests.”

Inflation in Poland – August 2021PAP

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