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Inflation in Poland – April 2023. The Central Statistical Office gave the data – what has increased the most? Sugar the leader

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Inflation in Poland remains at double-digit levels. Prices of consumer goods and services in April 2023 increased by 14.7 percent year-on-year. The growth leader remains sugar, which overtook the prices of heat energy and transport services. There are also products whose prices have fallen year on year.

The Central Statistical Office reported on Monday that inflation in April 2023 amounted to 14.7% year on year. Compared to the previous month, prices went up by 0.7 percent.

The Central Statistical Office pointed out that since April 2021 the consumer price index has been above the upper limit for deviations from the inflation target set by the Monetary Policy Council. The NBP inflation target is 2.5 percent. +/- 1 percentage point

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Inflation in April – what went up the most?

From detailed data from the Central Statistical Office for April shows that during the year the strongest, because by 67.1 percent, the price of sugar increased. Sugar also opened the disgraceful list in March. In second place were the prices of heat energy, which increased by 40.3 percent. Every year. In turn, prices for transport services went up by 39 percent.

It’s also in the lead milkwhich was more expensive in March by 31.3 percent than a year earlier. In the same period, eggs went up by 29.1%, and yoghurt, cream, milk drinks and desserts went up by 26.5%.

We also pay significantly more than in the same period a year earlier for cheese and cottage cheese – by 24 percent, rice – by 23 percent, pasta and pasta products – by 22 percent, and vegetables – by 21.4 percent. In addition, by 23.7 percent. Cocoa and chocolate powder went up.

Electricity prices increased by 22.4 percent. year-on-year, fuel by 19.6 percent, and gas increased by 15.3 percent. A noticeable increase in prices also applies to dental services, which soared by 15.1 percent. Every year. When paying for medical services, you have to take into account the cost of an average of 14.3 percent. higher than the year before.

According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, you also have to pay more for trips with travel agencies. Prices in the field of organized tourism abroad and in the country went up, in both cases, by 15.9 percent.

There are also exceptions. Diesel prices in April decreased by 6% compared to the same period last year. Liquid gas and other fuels for private means of transport became cheaper by 16.6 percent. Every year.

The data of the Central Statistical Office show that declined the most on a monthly basis diesel prices – by 5 percent, fuel – 2.6 percent. and flour – by 2.4 percent. On the other hand, the prices of transport services increased the most month-on-month – by 24.8 percent.

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