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Inflation in Poland. Blueberry prices and production costs

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Blueberry giddiness, prices are blasting this year. In some bakeries you have to pay even a dozen or so zlotys for a blueberry cake. Bakers say straightforwardly: in one small baking, as in a lens, you can see the high price that Poles have to face. Why has jagodzianka become almost a luxury good? Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

A bitter sweet taste of blueberries. The season is in full swing, customers’ appetites are heightened, only the prices are so hard to swallow.

Jagodzianka even for PLN 16

An economist from Wrocław, Rafał Mundry, found a bun with blueberries for PLN 16 in a local bakery. He took a photo, posted it on social media, and it was overwhelming. However, bakers say that it was cheap. – It used to be PLN 2.5, now it is even PLN 6, and we are talking about the cost of the product itself – said Stanisław Włoczewski, the co-owner of the Picador craft bakery in Warsaw. – I checked the 100-gram jagodzianka in Warsaw today, because the grammage is important here, it costs 5.49. In Stalowa Wola, the same costs PLN 3.90 – said Ryszard Jaśkowski, the president of the National Audit Association of the Food Cooperative “Społem”.

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Depending on the city and the quality of the biscuit, the prices of blueberries start from less than PLN 4, but there are also those that cost as much as 23 per piece. The trick in these times is to make a good cake, sell it and earn money. – Jagodzianka is not only blueberries, jagodzianka is energy, it is the cost of butter, flour, blueberries and if we add up all these things, we will get an answer to the question why the blueberry costs so much – noted Stanisław Włoczewski. The smaller the bakery, the higher the cost of the product. The craft ones face a really tough challenge. – For us, the production of about 50 jagodzianek takes up to 6 hours, (..) craft places like ours will not produce 1000 blueberries, because we do not have so many hands to work – explained Dagmara Rosiak, the co-owner of the bakery in Warsaw.

Higher production prices for blueberries

You have to pay 30 to 50 zlotys for a kilo of berries. There is no need to hide that in jagodzianka, you can see the increase in prices that Poles and producers have to face as in a lens. The last one GUS data leave no illusions.

– Basic bakery products such as flour, butter, sugar, milk, on average, all this went up by 30 percent – emphasized the economist Rafał Mundry. This is not the end of the increases, because energy costs have to be added to the long list. – You have to bake a Jagodzianka somewhere, most often they are gas stoves, and we know what happened with gas prices in the last 12 months, or electricity stoves, and the electricity is systematically rising – explained economist Rafał Mundry. For this expensive transport, rents, taxes and employees. Some bakeries are even considering starting production this year, costs are high and customers are counting every penny. – We are wondering what kind of blueberry to do so that this trend of blueberry for several dozen zlotys does not fit in, said Agnieszka Briańska from the Ławica bakery in Poznań. The blueberry season is short, so you shouldn’t expect the prices to drop significantly, so this year’s sweet pleasure will cost you dearly.

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