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Inflation in Poland – Easter 2023. Expensive holidays. This is what Poles intend to spend

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27 percent of Poles plan to spend from PLN 501 to PLN 1,000 on this year’s Easter grocery shopping, according to the study “Poles’ Own Wallet: Spring Challenges 2023”. As added, 24 percent want to spend from PLN 301 to PLN 500, and every eleventh respondent – from PLN 101 to PLN 200.

An average saint will be 38 percent more expensive than last year – indicated analysts of the agri-food market of the BNP Paribas bank. The basket of food products most often bought before Easter will increase in price by about 28 percent. Products for the preparation of Easter babkas and mazurkas will also cost more.

How much will Poles spend on Christmas?

According to the Santander Consumer Bank survey “Poles’ Own Wallet: Spring Challenges 2023”, every fourth respondent admitted that this year he intended to spend from PLN 501 to PLN 1,000 on Easter food. This group was dominated by men – 32 percent. and 23 percent women and 32 percent people from rural areas and 29 percent. from small towns up to 50,000 residents, compared to 19 percent. respondents from metropolises such as Warsaw or Krakow. Young people aged 18 to 29 intend to spend the most on Christmas shopping – 39 percent. surveyed.

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In turn, 24 percent of respondents plan to spend from PLN 301 to PLN 500 (24%). More women than men will spend this amount on Easter groceries (30% compared to 18%), 34% 30-39 year olds and 37 percent. metropolitan population over 250,000 people. This is the budget that the most people earning less than 2,000 will allocate for Easter. PLN on hand – 36 percent surveyed.

Every sixth Pole will spend from PLN 201 to PLN 300 (18 percent) on Christmas shopping. 24 percent declared such an amount. women and 10 percent men, and seniors over 60 (27%). Often this answer was also indicated by rural residents and people with an income of PLN 2,000 and above. up to PLN 2,999 net.

Every eleventh respondent (9 percent) will spend between PLN 101 and PLN 200 on Christmas food. This group included 14 percent. seniors, 16 percent inhabitants of small towns up to 50,000 people and 13 percent. with the lowest income – up to PLN 1,999 net.

Compared to last year’s spring edition of the Santander Consumer Bank survey, where Poles were also asked how much they intend to spend on Easter grocery shopping, the impact of price increases on the plans of the respondents can be observed. For example, in 2022, the amount from PLN 501 to PLN 1,000 was intended to be spent on food by 23 percent. respondents, 4 percentage points less than in 2023; the amount from PLN 301 to PLN 500 is currently declared by 24 percent. compared to 29 percent. in 2022


The survey was commissioned by Santander Consumer Bank using standardized computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) conducted by the Market and Social Research Institute (IBRiS) in March 2023. A representative group of 1,001 adult Poles participated in the survey.

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