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Inflation in Poland. Expensiveness hits restaurateurs. However, some concepts fare better

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Restaurateurs are losing the fight against high prices – writes the daily “Rzeczpospolita” on Thursday. As we read in the article, almost every second Pole can no longer afford the use of gastronomy due to too high prices. The mood in the industry is down again.

“Already in 2022, compared to 2021, the barometer of restaurateurs’ moods measured by the GfK Households Panel deteriorated in each of the segments of catering establishments. The overall indicator fell from -7 to -11, which means that the already negative the mood of representatives of the industry only deepened more “- we read in the article.

The GfK Households Panel also checked the barriers to using gastronomy. The most – 44 percent. – indicated that they could not afford to use the restaurant. One percentage point less people answered that the prices are too high. 32 percent found eating at home to be healthier.

The next places were taken by the following answers: homemade food is tastier (30%), well-known composition of homemade meals (28%) and I like to cook (26%). 19 percent of those surveyed felt that it was a waste of time to eat in restaurants, and 18 percent that they were disturbed by crowds or noise. 17 percent indicated that meetings at home are better.

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The daily notes that the total number of premises does not decrease and exceeds 90,000. The number of pizzerias is constantly growing, but also premises that are created only to handle orders with delivery, not serving meals on the spot.

Bad moods

“Unfortunately, those sentiments are not expected to change significantly in 2023. Currently, the costs of doing business are not decreasing, and the prices of food goods are still rising. Therefore, there is no indication that there will be a quick thaw and consumers will return to spending on eating out as willingly as they did before the pandemic – says Szymon Mordasiewicz, commercial director of the GfK Polonia Household Panel.

“The company reports that 67% of restaurateurs see a clear increase in the prices of products necessary to run their business, which means an increase of 12 percentage points y/y. The same number emphasizes the high costs of rent and rent, after an increase of 15 percentage points. The percentage of those who are affected by high employment costs has increased by 17 percentage points.

Some concepts fare better

The daily notes, however, that “gastronomy is still a very thriving market.” “Prices are rising not only because of food prices, but also energy, gas or minimum wage. Despite this, the total number of premises does not decrease and exceeds 90,000. Although many restaurants are closed down, new ones are still being created in various segments. And you can see that some concepts perform better even in difficult times. It’s not just about pizzerias, the number of which is growing, also in the dark kitchen formula. These premises are created only to handle orders with delivery, they do not serve meals on site, there is no service room. You can also order take-out only.

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