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Inflation in Poland. Gas prices -Wojciech Jakóbik on the worst-case scenario

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High energy prices are hitting Poles’ wallets more and more. – It was expensive, it is and will be even more expensive – Wojciech Jakóbik, editor-in-chief of BiznesAlert.pl, told TVN24 in “Get up and weekend”. As he pointed out, “we are caught in an energy crisis that will be fueled by Putin.”

– It was expensive, it is more and will be even more. We have raises of several dozen percent energy prices only because the price from the European stock exchange is not transferred directly to the account, but is calculated in the tariff, and this does not only take into account market factors, but also social ones, so we have increases by several dozen, not several hundred percent – he commented in “Get up and weekend “on TVN24 Wojciech Jakóbik, editor-in-chief of BiznesAlert.pl.

– On the other hand, the trends on the market are that it will only be more expensive and this is another factor that magnifies the already high level inflation in Poland – he added.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński

Jakóbik pointed out that “in the worst case scenario” local gas shortages may appear. – In the worst scenario, in which the Russians can turn off the gas tap completely in Europe, local, periodic gas shortages may appear, perhaps not in Poland, but even if not in Poland, then we will experience price spikes and even greater increases – he said.

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Investments in own energy sources

Therefore, as Jakóbik said, it is worth saving, as encouraged by the International Energy Agency. – It is worth investing in your own energy sources in the long term. Photovoltaics are now less profitable, but if we have a few years of energy crisis, economic crisis, this investment will probably pay off faster, because it will give us slightly lower bills. The same is true of a heat pump, i.e. a heat source that does not use fossil fuel but electricity – he explained.

– These are huge investments, tens of thousands, not everyone can afford it, the poorest, unfortunately, only have to count on social assistance and there is an increasing consent in the European Union for such activities not only in Poland, but throughout Europe – noted Wojciech Jakóbik. It is about ad hoc solutions, among others for an energy allowance, a subsidy to coal.

– The energy crisis causes an expensive price that makes everything worthwhile. Every way to save is good – emphasized the expert.

Energy prices up

Jakóbik said that “we are caught in an energy crisis that will be fueled by Putin.” – Just like the Ukrainians feel the attack Russia in the form of tanks running over their lands, this is how we are torn by high bills, higher and higher each month, paid by Poles. This is our face wars in Ukraine – said the editor-in-chief of BiznesAlert.pl.

In his opinion, we will not avoid bill increases. The industry portal Wysokienapiecie.pl reported that the prices of electricity for households in the PGNiG offer will increase from PLN 0.42 / kWh at the beginning of last year to PLN 1.70 / kWh from autumn this year. According to the portal, similar increases are being introduced or planned by other energy companies.

– This is unstoppable. Tariffs may not be several hundred percent, but several dozen percent (…). It will be a horrendous price tag, if we add the economic crisis to it, our prosperity must suffer. There is no option that we will look at this crisis from a distance – said Wojciech Jakóbik.

– Each of us will feel it in the loss of prosperity, in the reduction of the household budget, also in connection with an increase in interest rates. We have a recipe for a normal, typical economic crisis such as in the 1920s and this is not a slogan, it just happens and we already feel it in our wallets – added the TVN24 guest.

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