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Inflation in Poland. Increasingly expensive visits to the dentist. We check whether it is possible to cure teeth on the National Health Fund

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Dental services in private offices have never been the cheapest. Now, the Central Statistical Office informs that their prices have increased by over 17 percent on average year-on-year. Does this mean that patients will want to use visits reimbursed by the National Health Fund more often than before? We checked the situation in Wrocław and Lower Silesia.

Everything is more expensive. Starting from food, ending with energy or heating. The ongoing cost of living either wears out small businesses or forces their owners to raise prices. Dentists are no different. According to the Central Statistical Office, referring to inflation data from October, the prices of dental services increased by 17.2% compared to last year. Economist Tomasz Kopyściański says that the factors influencing the increase in prices in this sector are of two types.

– First of all, they are related to direct costs, prices of dental materials and dental equipment. Dentists are usually entrepreneurs who also include the general costs of maintaining their company in the price of their service. Therefore, in the price of the dental service, we also pay the price of an increase in energy, heating, maintenance of the area where the service is provided. Often, therefore, the very fact that we sit on the dentist’s chair is priced in the cost, which the dentist includes in the final price of the service – explains Kopyściański.

Prices in private offices

We talked about the prices in private offices with the president of the Polish Dental Association, Marzena Dominiak, who confirms that they reflect inflation. In addition, costs can be increased by payments in euros, for which some materials are purchased.

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– We must be aware that on the Polish market these prices are not so high when it comes to doctor’s working hours. First of all, they are shaped by product prices. If their price has increased, so has the price of services – he says. And he gives examples: depending on the office and tooth surface, the filling may cost PLN 250-500. Anesthesia, depending on the system and the possibility of its administration – PLN 20-100. Root canal treatment is a minimum of PLN 600, but the more complicated the procedure, the price can go up to PLN 1,500.

Private surgeries still cannot complain about the lack of patients, but President Dominiak notes that they increasingly choose services reimbursed by National Health Fund. So we check what a cheaper alternative looks like.

The prices of dental services are risingTVN24 Wroclaw

Amalgam withdrawn, white fillings as part of the services of the National Health Fund

– A variety of dental services are available under publicly funded services, for adults and children. As part of dental treatment, we can use prophylaxis: check-ups, examinations with oral hygiene instructions, but also treatments such as tartar removal. In addition, diagnostics are available, for example intraoral X-ray, but also caries treatment and root canal treatment. In addition, tooth extraction and surgical treatment are possible. The National Health Fund pays for local anesthesia during treatment – lists Anna Szewczuk-Łebska, press secretary of the Lower Silesian Provincial Branch of the National Health Fund in Wrocław.

The spokeswoman points out that there are 480 places providing this type of services in Lower Silesia. You do not need a referral to see a dentist. Just make an appointment directly in the office or by phone. A patient who comes to the dentist with a toothache receives services on the same day, during the clinic’s working hours, assures Szewczuk-Łebska and adds that since October all fillings carried out under the services of the National Health Fund have been white. Amalgam has been discontinued.

The TVN24 reporter checked several Wroclaw offices for the availability of visits. The waiting time does not exceed one week.

Main photo source: TVN24 Wroclaw

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