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Inflation in Poland. Most of the respondents do not feel a drop in inflation

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Almost 76 percent of respondents during their daily shopping did not notice that the level of inflation in Poland is falling, according to a SW Research survey for the “Rzeczpospolita” daily portal.

According to the latest data provided by the Central Statistical Office in July inflation in Poland amounted to 10.8 percent. Every year. “Since February this year, when inflation reached the level of 18.4 percent, the year-on-year price growth rate began to fall – however, inflation still remains at a level much higher than the inflation target of 2.5 percent” – we read in “Rz” .

The daily notes that the slowdown in inflation growth means that prices continue to rise year on year, but at a slower pace. “Prices fall when we are dealing with deflation – that is, when the value of inflation is negative. We had such a situation in 2015, when the annual inflation amounted to -0.9 percent. which means that over the entire year, prices have slightly decreased year-on-year.

Inflation in Poland. July 2023PAP

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Most of the respondents do not feel a drop in inflation

SW Research, commissioned by “Rzeczpospolita”, asked Poles whether during their daily shopping they noticed that the level of inflation in Poland was falling. 19.8% answered “yes” to this question. respondents. The answer “no” was given by 75.7 percent. surveyed.

– The fall in inflation is not felt by 78 percent of women and 73 percent of men. So far, 8 out of 10 respondents with higher education and a similar percentage of respondents aged 25 to 34 (79 percent) have not experienced a slowdown in price growth, Wiktoria Maruszczak, senior project manager at SW Research, comments in an interview with the Rzeczpospolita daily portal.

– So far, 79 percent of respondents whose income is up to PLN 2,000 net have not noticed a decrease in inflation, and more than 4 in 5 (82 percent) respondents from cities with a population of 100,000 to 199,000 – he adds.

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