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Inflation in Poland. Paprika price hikes. The expert explains

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Now we have forgotten that these are not our vegetables, they are imported – said Dr. Paweł Kraciński from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). He explained that the drastic increases in pepper prices are due to weather anomalies in southern Europe and northern Africa. He pointed out that vegetables and fruits may be less available in the future due to climate change.

– Emotions in recent weeks have been aroused by shortages of thermophilic vegetables – peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers – he said. He explained that the high prices were due to “the cold in southern Europe and northern Africa”. – From there our vegetables go to our markets. A few decades ago, at this time of year, our parents and grandparents wouldn’t even think about buying tomatoes in winter – he said.

He pointed out that “now we have forgotten that these are not our vegetables, they are imported.” – This causes costs especially now, now that we have a conflict in Ukrainethe energy crisis and climate change.

Very high prices of thermophilic vegetables in Polish stores (illustration photo)Shutterstock

Energy costs and climate change affect vegetable prices

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He explained that there are “two factors – energy costs and climate change”. – One is independent of the other, but cumulative. The increase in transport costs, as well as the unfavorable exchange rate for our traders and consumers, resulted in high costs. The main factor, in my opinion, is climate change. More and more often we encounter droughts, violent phenomena that can offset the many months of work of producers, the finale of which are fruit and vegetables – he explained.

– We have gotten used to the fact that vegetables, and more broadly food, have been available all year round at low prices. Probably because of climate change and policies that are supposed to limit our negative climate impact, (…) we can expect that some of the assortment will be less available. And that means higher prices.

What about the prices?

The expert, however, expects that in the near future food will be dancing. – Vegetables were expensive. I can reassure you that in the coming weeks they will get cheaper – he said. When asked if they will be our Polish vegetables, he replied that “we still have to wait for ours”. – We only have the first signs of spring, our greenhouses are just starting production. We’ll have to wait for it,” he said.

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