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Inflation in Poland. Poles are looking for promotions in newspapers en masse

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Poles turned to promotion en masse, in some provinces nearly 90 percent of respondents are interested in them. Residents of small towns are most often looking for newspapers of retail chains, we read in the Thursday edition of “Rzeczpospolita”.

“In consumer needs you can see both traces of double digits inflation food prices, as well as the interest in renovations or gardens remaining after the lockdowns.

As explained, “in response to the question ‘from which stores would you like to receive promotional leaflets in your letterbox?’ – respondents most often indicated grocery store chains, drugstores and construction and interior design stores. “This is the result of a study conducted at the Ariadna National Research Panel, commissioned by CTRL System, a postal operator that delivers company newsletters or leaflets” – we read in the article.

The popularity of newspapers is growing

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“The survey shows that we prefer promotional leaflets to looking for deals online. The popularity of free promotional leaflets is growing – while in 2020, 51% of adult Poles read promotional leaflets of supermarkets, discounters and other stores at least once a week, to this day this percentage increased to 63 percent. – it was written, noting that “promotions are most popular in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian and Lubelskie voivodships, where 89 percent of respondents are interested in them.” As added: “in the Zachodniopomorskie, Dolnośląskie or Opolskie voivodships, it is 75 percent.”

“In small towns, interest in promotions is declared by 86 percent of respondents, while the same is declared by 10 percentage points less residents of cities over 500,000.” – explained.

“Such behavior seems a natural attempt to protect the wallet against the loss of the purchasing value of money at a time when food price inflation reached 24% in March.” – assessed in the article.

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