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Inflation in Poland. President Duda in Pajęczno about the reasons. We gave money to entrepreneurs

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President Andrzej Duda admitted during his visit to Pajęczno that the actions of politicians contributed to the increase in inflation in Poland. – We distributed money to entrepreneurs so that they could maintain their companies and jobs – said the president. He expressed hope that there will be interest rate cuts this year.

Inflation in Poland remains at double-digit levels, well above the target of the National Bank of Poland. According to the latest data from the Central Statistical Office inflation in March 2023 amounted to 16.1 percent. Every year.

Inflation in PolandPAP/Maciej Zielinski

President Andrzej Duda during the meeting in Pajęczno, he referred to inflation. I know there is inflation. It is, of course, the result of various factors. It would be easiest to say that she is the result of the fact that they have grown all over the world fuel prices fuels. These fuel and energy prices have led to prices in stores and that’s why we all have high prices, that’s why there is inflation – he said.

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However, after a while he added that inflation is “also a result of our actions that we took here in Poland”.

– I say we made decisions because they were decided by the prime minister, government and parliament. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, when we simply gave money to entrepreneurs so that they could keep their companies and jobs. So that people do not lose their jobs, the president said.

– The money was paid out, which of course must have caused inflation. We knew this was probably going to happen, but we preferred to cause inflation rather than having jobs go away rather than having people not have jobs, he added.

In addition, the president said, among other things, that he believed that “inflation will soon be suppressed, thanks to a wise policy, and interest rates will be able to be lowered.” – There are very serious hopes for this. I hope they will be able to do so this year interest rate cuts – he assessed.

President Duda on the program of local roads

During the speech, the mayor informed about the draft law on local roads: commune and poviat, prepared in his office.

– The point is that these roads very often, for years, occupy small fragments of real estate, which are unregulated in terms of legal status – said Duda. – We assume that if a road has existed for 20 years, it will be possible to take over and regulate such legal status, of course with the payment of appropriate compensation, with all the possibilities of court appeals and so on – informed the president. As he emphasized, the change in regulations is to “enable local governments to regulate ownership issues and use these government funds to progress the development of the road network as quickly as possible, because today this is a fundamental issue when it comes to the development of the country.”

– I have no doubts that when we talk about sustainable development, meaning that all of Poland should develop equally, the development of roads and communication is of absolutely fundamental importance here – pointed out Duda. – You know how it is, the road is the basis. There is communication, there are development opportunities. You will commute to work, you will commute to school, you will commute to your business, someone will come and take a look: o there is a good access – this is where he will set up a company, because the land is cheap, because it is easy to build here, because the local government is favorable, because it wants to have new jobs, and the access is good, I will use it – said the mayor and thanked local government officials for using the road development fund so far.

Main photo source: Marian Zubrzycki/PAP/EPA

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