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Inflation in Poland. Shopping cart – how much has it become more expensive? Auchan, Kaufland, Lidl, POLOmarket, Netto, Intermarche, Carrefour

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The shopping basket was on average PLN 40 more expensive (18 percent) in December 2022 than a year ago, according to data from the ASM Sales Force Agency. The agency said the price had increased for all of the 10 product categories it analyzed. According to the calculations, the largest increase on a monthly basis was recorded in the Lidl chain, and in annual terms in the Carrefour chain.

The ASM Sales Force Agency informed in a publication provided to PAP that the average price of a shopping basket was PLN 40 (18 percent) higher in December 2022 than a year ago. It was found that in 10 out of 13 chains covered by the study, prices in December last year were higher than in November, and price drops were recorded in Netto stores (by 2.89 percent), Kaufland (by 2.70 percent) and Intermarche ( by 2.45 percent). “The average price of a shopping basket in December 2022 was PLN 268.49. This is an increase of PLN 0.91, or 0.34% compared to November last year.” – it was stated. It added that the largest increase was recorded in the Lidl chain at the level of 3.01 percent.

The shopping cart is getting more expensive

According to the study, on an annual basis, an increase in prices was observed in all 10 analyzed chains, e.g. e-grocery channel (20.52%), Auchan (18.73%) and Makro Cash & Carry (18.72%) .). According to the report, the largest increase in basket prices on an annual basis was recorded in the Carrefour chain – by PLN 47.69 on average, i.e. by 21.29 percent.

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You could pay PLN 213.70 for a basket of the cheapest products (PLN 6.56 more than in November), and PLN 306.54 for a basket of the most expensive products, which is PLN 35.75 less than in November, reported ASM Sales Force agency. It was noted that the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive basket in December 2022 amounted to PLN 92.84 and is PLN 42.31 lower than in November.

“If we look at the data on an annual basis, the sum of the minimum basket in December 2022 was 20.23% higher than a year ago, while the maximum basket was 8.13% more expensive in December 2022 than in 2021. The total value of the shopping basket increased by 18% from PLN 227.56 in December 2021 to PLN 268.49 in December 2022.” the agency reported.

It was estimated that the cheapest chain in December 2022 was Auchan, where the average cost of a shopping basket was PLN 232.28, which means an increase of PLN 0.79, or 0.34 percent. on a monthly basis. It was estimated that the difference between the second-placed Lidl was PLN 14.59, and between the third-placed Kaufland – PLN 28.13. The e-grocery channel turned out to be the most expensive, where you had to pay PLN 315.88 for the analyzed set of products, i.e. 36 percent more than before. more than in the cheapest Auchan stores – indicated the agency.

According to the price list of the ASM Sales Force Agency, in December 2022, compared to 2021, the prices of all 10 analyzed product categories increased: household chemicals and cosmetics, fat products, meat, cold cuts and fish, loose products, drinks, additives, dairy products, stimulants and beer, frozen food and sweets. The highest annual growth – by 68.44 percent. – was recorded in the category of fat products. Products from the category of additives increased by 26.36 percent, dairy products by 26 percent, stimulants and beers by 24.67 percent. and by 22.97 percent. loose products, the agency reported. It added that the lowest price increase was found in the category of beverages at the level of 7.29 percent.

It was noticed that the cheapest chain in 2022 was the Auchan chain, which offered the lowest value of the shopping basket, and its average value was PLN 216.47. Among the traditional stores, the POLOmarket chain was the most expensive with a basket of PLN 263.64, and the highest average prices of PLN 282.85 were offered by the e-grocery channel, the agency informed.

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