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Inflation in Poland. Shops – we buy less food

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Inflation in Poland has been at the highest level since June 2001. With prices rising sharply, most consumers are beginning to cut their spending on many basic product categories. This is a challenge not only for stores, but also for producers, writes Rzeczpospolita on Tuesday.

According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, the prices of consumer goods and services in August 2021 increased year-on-year by 5.5 percent, and compared to the previous month, prices increased by 0.3 percent. Inflation was last higher in June 2001 at 6.2 percent.


Inflation in Poland – purchases

Rzeczpospolita emphasizes that “the inflation, which is the highest in two decades, means for many consumers that, especially on food – still the main item in the statistical household budget – one has to spend more and more”. As a result, many people are forced to change their shopping carts, as shown by the study of the Moja Gazetka application for “Rzeczpospolita”. The study was conducted on a group of over 1,000 people. people.

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“We spend almost 70 percent less than a year ago on drinks, 52.7 percent on seasonal fruit and vegetables, which this year were largely much more expensive due to capricious weather, but also labor and transport costs,” the newspaper informs. “Other categories, on which at least every third respondent saves, are butter, meat or fruit and all-year-round vegetables” – writes the daily.

Tomasz Machniak, co-founder of the Moja Gazetka application, points out that “inflation causes a decrease in the value of cash, and thus – an increase in product prices”. – As many as three out of four respondents refrain from purchasing products that they used to buy more often. The most common solution to the problem of rising prices was more accurate planning of purchases – indicated by 57.3%. respondents and female respondents – says “Rz” Machniak.

However, 52.4 percent. must give up the purchase of certain products, and more than 46 percent. it just buys less.

Rzeczpospolita points out that such attitudes and purchasing strategies pose a challenge for stores. “Poles like promotions, an estimated one-third of sales take place within various types of campaigns,” writes Rzeczpospolita. As he adds, the current situation means that chains – in order not to lose customers – have to keep them at even attractive prices.


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