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Inflation in the EU. Poland against the background of the Community

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Inflation in June 2022 in Poland was 14.2 percent year on year, according to data provided by Eurostat. For comparison, in May the price increase was 12.8 percent year on year. Consumer prices in the euro area rose by 8.6 percent, and across the European Union, inflation stood at 9.6 percent.

In monthly terms, prices in Poland increased by 1.4 percent.

Inflation in the EU – June 2022. Where is the highest and where the lowest?

As reported by Eurostat, HICP inflation in the euro area was 8.6 percent. against 8.1% in May. For comparison, a year ago the indicator inflation was only 1.9%. The increase in prices in the entire European Union was as much as 9.6%. against 8.8 percent in May. In June 2021, this rate was 2.2%.

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The lowest inflation was recorded at Malta (6.1%), we France (6.5%) i Finland (8.1%). Prices grew the most in Estonia (22%), Lithuania (20.5%) and Latvia (19.2%). Compared to last month, inflation fell in two Member States and increased in twenty-five.

Inflation according to Eurostat. What is the HICP?

The HICP index is a harmonized index of consumer prices, calculated according to the unified methodology of the Statistical Office of the European Union. According to the inflation criterion contained in the Maastricht Treaty, the HICP is the basis for assessing price stabilization.

Data for HICP inflation come from household budget expenditure and national accounts, and for CPI only from household budget expenditure.

According to the GUS indicator calculated by another method, in June, prices in our country increased by 15.5 percent, year on year. This is the highest level since March 1997, i.e. over 25 years. Compared to the previous month, the prices of goods and services increased by 1.5 percent.

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