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Information about medications, tests or visits. Who in the government has access to the Patient’s Internet Account?

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Who can access our Online Patient Account? What data and when from our account can flow into foreign hands? After the Minister of Health disclosed the medical data of Dr. Piotr Pisula throughout Poland, questions arise as to who and in what situations has the right to know about our doctors, tests and medicines.

Almost every second Pole has an Internet Patient Account. – I use it, very actively even. It comes in handy, especially in situations where I don’t expect it to come in handy, says one of the women.

Everything is recorded on the IKP. On the portal you will find information when and by whom the referral was issued and when and where it was carried out. All the medications we take and the doctors we go to are also recorded. In a word: sensitive data.

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Those who have the right to check us are ten database administrators. They work at the National Health Fund, the E-Health Center and the Ministry of Health and process our data for health care management, research and other purposes.

– The problem is that in some areas this scope of protection gives a lot of freedom to the administrator in assessing whether this processing is intentional or not – points out Dr. Robert Mołdach, health protection expert, president of the Institute of Health and Democracy.

Doctor Piotr Pisula, whose details were revealed by the Minister of Health, about the resignation of Adam Niedzielski. The whole conversationTVN24

The case of doctor Pisula’s data

The Ministry of Health ensures that it processes our data on purpose and that the Minister of Health does not do it personally. – The minister has no right to enter either the patient’s account or the doctor’s account – declares Wojciech Andrusiewicz, spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

However, former minister Adam Niedzielski, although he had no right to enter, received sensitive data about Dr. Piotr Pisula and published it. All of Poland found out that the doctor prescribed psychotropic drugs. Members of the Civic Coalition, who carried out an inspection in this case at the Ministry of Health, suspect that Adam Niedzielski could also have access to the data of other doctors appearing in “Fakty” TVN.

– The fact that Minister Niedzielski informed on Twitter about a specific example of a doctor from Poznań does not exclude the fact that he had access to all other doctors who spoke on August 2-4 – emphasizes Michał Szczerba, MP from the Civic Coalition.

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A special encrypted system is used to transfer data from accounts. Adam Niedzielski received sensitive data via instant messenger.

– Since I am the personal data inspector, I believe that what the minister has done is unacceptable. Simply, the higher the data, the more it should be aggregated and anonymised. There can be no such thing that the minister has access to individual patient data, and sending this data via Whatsapp is a horror at all – believes Mr. Sławomir Orłowski.

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