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ING Bank Śląski. The bank warns against a new version of the hotline scam, scammers inform about the alleged loan

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ING Bank Śląski warns against fraudsters impersonating bank employees. Impersonating a bank hotline is a popular and unfortunately effective method of extorting money. ING Bank Śląski warns against the latest variant of the “hotline” scam.

Representatives of ING Bank Śląski explained how the fraud works. It starts with a phone call from scammers, but our vigilance can be lulled by the bank hotline number displayed on the screen. “The call you can answer is not a call from a real bank hotline. Fraudsters use vulnerabilities in the GSM network to make the bank’s number appear on your phone screen” – we read. In fact, we are talking on the phone with a fraudster who claims to be a bank employee.

After answering the phone, we receive information about the loan taken on us. “You don’t know anything about it? Nothing lost! A scammer impersonating a bank employee informs you that you can cancel the loan” – it was transmitted.

For this purpose, we receive an SMS confirming the resignation from the loan. “The fake bank employee offers additional security for your money. All you have to do is make a transfer to a ‘reserve account'” – it was reported. Instead of additional security, however, our savings go to the fraudster. The warning is accompanied by a sample text message from scammers.

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SMS from scammersing.pl

ING Bank Śląski emphasized that the bank does not have any “reserve accounts” mentioned by the thief. “If you make a transfer in accordance with the instructions, you will actually transfer money to the fraudster’s account. It is a simple method of theft that does not even require taking over login details” – it was noted.

How not to be deceived?

Bank representatives advise to be careful if the interlocutor puts time pressure on us. “Do not act under the influence of emotions. Fraudsters often suggest that everything they ask for must be done as soon as possible. In a hurry, it is much easier to make ill-considered decisions” – explained.

At the same time, it was pointed out that real bank employees will never encourage you to install additional software, apart from the Moje ING application. They also won’t ask for your banking password.

If in doubt, hang up and call the bank’s hotline yourself. “In this way, you will guarantee yourself that you will reach a real ING employee” – it was emphasized.

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