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Inowrocław does not have a president, it is waiting for a commissioner. “The situation is getting worse.”

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Three weeks have passed since the elections, and there is no one to govern in Inowrocław (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship). The Prime Minister has not yet appointed a commissioner. This is necessary because Ryszard Brejza, the current president, was elected senator in the last parliamentary elections. The problem of the lack of a commissioner concerns 12 towns, including, outside Inowrocław, Sopot and Tychy.

Together with choice to the Senate Ryszard Brejza, the current president of Inowrocław, his presidency has expired. All vice presidents also lost their positions. And although three weeks have passed since the parliamentary elections, there is still no commissioner in the city who would have full competence to make decisions on key issues.

– Three weeks have passed since the elections and the situation is getting worse, because not all tasks can be performed by the office secretary or other officials with appropriate authorizations, which I have issued or authorizations by operation of law. For example, funds from the state budget cannot be allocated to help people who benefit from the support of a social welfare center – said Ryszard Brejza in an interview with TVN24.

Ryszard Brejza, former president of InowrocławTVN24

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The absence of a commissioner means problems

The former president of Inowrocław emphasized that “there is a big problem with the allocation of these funds.” – We have them in our account, but we cannot spend them because there is no signature of the commissioner. Why is there no commissioner? This is a question for the government, Brejza noted.

He also added that November 15 is the deadline for submitting the draft budget to the city council. The lack of a commissioner may have serious repercussions for the city. – The document must be signed by the mayor of the city, and if there is no president, then by the commissioner, who is also absent – said the senator.

Inowrocław does not have a president, it is waiting for a commissionerTVN24

In his opinion, “there will be a big problem with the city’s finances because the draft budget, in accordance with the law, will be established by the regional accounting chamber in Bydgoszcz.” – I have the impression that Inowrocław and other cities and communes whose presidents, mayors and commune heads were elected to parliament were being punished by PiS because voters elected their rulers to the Sejm or Senate – said Ryszard Brejza.

12 towns are waiting for commissioners

The problem of the lack of a commissioner concerns 12 towns, including Sopot and Tychy. Until recently, there were 13 of them, but the Spytkowice commune, whose former mayor, Mariusz Krystian, representing PiS, became an MP, was the first to have a commissioner. Ryszard Brejza emphasized in an interview with TVN24 reporter Mariusz Sidorkiewicz that “the day after the elections, Inowrocław councilors asked the Prime Minister to appoint a commissioner.”

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– The Prime Minister has not responded to this day. PiS elects its own people for every place where it had the power to decide during 8 years of rule. Right now, in the last days of this government, he is doing the same. This is something frivolous – concluded Ryszard Brejza.

Main photo source: TVN24

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