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Instagram wants to save its tarnished image – it is working on new features

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Instagram wants to improve the company’s image after a crisis triggered by testimony from Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee. It announces new functions that are to control the time spent on the website and check whether the content viewed does not adversely affect the mental health of users.

Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president for international affairs, announced on CNN that Instagram is working on a number of updates to improve its functioning and reduce the potentially harmful impact on users. One of such functions is to be “Take a Break” – a signal encouraging people who spend too much time in the application to take a break.

How to investigate the mental state of an Instagram user

While it’s easy to monitor the time spent on the app, keeping track of your mental health is a bigger challenge. But the representatives of Facebook assure that they have a way for that as well. New functionalities will test whether the user is not constantly browsing similar content that may have a negative effect on his mental condition. The application itself is to encourage users to view posts from another field.

On CNN, Nick Clegg announced that it is not yet known when the improvements will be made to the application. – I hear concerns about this project. Today we are announcing these steps so that we can get it right, he said. Facebook’s vice president for international affairs also announced that work on the Instagram for Kids platform was suspended.

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Changes with the crisis in the background

Instagram, owned by Facebook, hasn’t been on a streak recently. A few weeks ago, the report “The Wall Street Journal” was published, which revealed that company owners have long been aware that using the app can lead to depression, eating disorders and low self-esteem, especially in young women.

The degree of dependence on social media platforms has also revealed Facebook’s global crash on October 4. It showed that for millions of people around the world, the internet is equal to Facebook. They reported failures to suppliers, although they had no failures. Their customers, however, decided that if Facebook and Instagram were not working, the entire network was not working.

Statement by Frances Haugen

But the biggest blow to the company’s image was testimony of Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, before a committee of the US Senate. “How Facebook works today raises serious concerns for me for the security of our nation,” Haugen said. – I’m here today because I believe that Facebook products harm our children, fuel social divisions and weaken democracy. Company management knows how to make Facebook and Instagram safer. However, it does not do it, because it puts its astronomical profits over the interests of people – she added.

Testimony of a former Facebook employee before the US Senate. Marcin Wrona’s report from the USA TVN24

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