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Instead of a historic brickyard, there is a rubble pile. It was illegally demolished

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The old brickyard in Somonin in Kashubia turned into a pile of rubble. Residents are outraged, and the Pomeranian conservator of monuments warns that this action was illegal and notifies the prosecutor’s office. A waste sorting plant is to be built on the site of the brickyard.

There was a historic brickyard, but only a pile of old bricks remained. Residents of the village of Somonino in Kashubia could not believe it when at dawn they saw excavators leveling a hundred-year-old brick kiln and trucks carrying tons of rubble from the square. – An absolute scandal and a mockery of the rule of law in which we live – comments Igor Strzok, the Pomeranian provincial conservator of monuments.

The owner of the area of ​​the old brickyard began to dismantle it two years ago, but then the conservator of monuments initiated the procedure of entering the factory in the register of monuments. – Starting the registration procedure suspends all work, even legal work, points out Strzok. However, bulldozers entered the brickworks site again this week, and a few hours of work were enough to leave the historic kiln with only rubble.

The residents called the police, construction supervision and the conservator of monuments, who banned further demolition. As it turned out, the ban did not survive the visit of the services, because the target of the excavators was also a residential and office building – already entered in the register of monuments.

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Mrs. Dorota Stromska, a former tenant of the demolished monument, will not say a bad word about the demolisher because he agreed to let her live in a trailer on the rubble, but even she was moved by the whole situation.

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A garbage sorting plant is to be built on site

Residents claim that the historic brickyard was razed to the ground because a garbage company that has a small base in the neighborhood wants to build a giant waste sorting plant on the site of the brickyard. – The commune refused to issue an environmental decision for the establishment of a garbage transshipment base in this place – notes Andrzej Peta, deputy mayor of the Somonino commune.

According to the local government, a garbage depot cannot be established in the center of a large village. – There will be stink and rodents here – says Paweł Stromski, a resident of Somonin.

There is no contact with the owner of the brickyard. He also does not answer calls from the services, and the destruction of the monument is almost unpunished. – The fine is PLN 500 – says Krzysztof Nowak from the District Construction Supervision Inspectorate in Kartuzy. – He has money, he has power. His law does not apply – says Andrzej Chajewski, a resident of Somonin.

The conservator of monuments notified the prosecutor’s office about the destruction of the brickyard.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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