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Instead of Crocodile Tirek, there was Prime Minister Morawiecki. Parents outraged by the use of their children in the campaign

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Parents of children who go to school in Bezrzecze began to wonder whether Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki quit his job in the government and became an employee of the Road Transport Inspection. At the meeting, instead of Crocodile Tirk, the head of the government appeared.

It was nice, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was smiling, encouraging people to high five and the children were happy to high five. It is true that the students of the school in Bezrzecze expected a meeting with Crocodile Tirk, who promotes road safety, but since the Crocodile deputy dropped in unexpectedly, he could also say something instructive and catch the imagination of children.

– The government of Law and Justice allocates huge funds to road safety – said the head of the government to the gathered children.

The Prime Minister enumerated that there are new pavements, pedestrian crossings and speed-limiters. In addition, he noted that there are fewer broken arms, broken legs, broken spines. However, deputy Krokodylka did not mention the broken moral backbone in the situation of school-kindergarten agitation. However, there was a lot going on in terms of security.

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– Every child who entered the school area – whether with or without a parent – had a searched backpack and to be honest, I was probably most appalled by the fact that children were buried in backpacks – said Katarzyna Ciurzyńska, a councilor of Dobra, a resident of Bezrzecze.

Parents appalled

The situation outraged many parents. – I was presented with a fait accompli – admitted Mr. Tomasz Borzych, the father of one of the students.

Nor did anyone warn the parents that Crocodile Tirek would have a replacement in the form of the head of government. – To involve children in politics, I think we are going a little too deep and too far. (…) The children did not understand what it was for sure – added Mr. Tomasz.

There were also photos of children with the Prime Minister, which the head of government posted on all his social profiles.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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