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Institute for War Studies: The Ukrainians corrected the counter-offensive. They want to minimize losses

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The Ukrainian army has adjusted its counter-offensive strategy to minimize casualties, the US Institute for War Studies said in a recent analysis. Think tank quotes The New York Times, which reported that, according to estimates by anonymous American and European sources, in the first two weeks of the Ukrainian counter-offensive, Russian troops destroyed and damaged up to 20 percent of the equipment sent by Kiev to the battlefield, including weapons donated Ukraine by Western partners.

Thanks to the adjustment of the Ukrainian strategy in the following weeks, the percentage of Ukrainian losses fell to 10 percent, the sources of The New York Times indicated. The Ukrainian army has changed tactics, emphasizing exhausting Russian forces with long-range artillery and missiles instead of conducting large-scale assaults, according to the American daily.

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In Sunday’s analysis, the War Research Institute points out that at the beginning of July it estimated that Ukrainian forces were saving personnel at the expense of slower territorial gains and were gradually destroying Russian personnel and equipment.

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Think tank analysts emphasize that the Ukrainian command has most likely been perfecting the counter-offensive strategy for weeks, and the greater effects of this work are only beginning to be seen.

The Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv sector Mykola Kalyeniak/PAP/EPA

An offensive on three sections of the front

In Sunday’s analysis, the War Research Institute also reported that over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian forces conducted counter-offensive operations on at least three sections of the front, with little success.

ISW quotes Russian sources as saying that Ukrainian soldiers were advancing south of Bakhmut near Andriyivka.

Russian pro-war bloggers reported that Russian forces were “constantly” moving reinforcements to the Bakhmut area.


Main photo source: Mykola Kalyeniak/PAP/EPA

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