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Intel wants to invest over USD 4.5 billion in Poland. 2,000 people will be employed

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The American concern Intel plans to build a semiconductor integration and testing facility in Poland, the company announced in a press release. The planned investment, worth a total of USD 4.6 billion, will create 2,000 jobs at Intel.

Intel announced on Friday that it chose the vicinity of Wrocław as the location of its new plant.

The facility will help meet the critical demand for semiconductor integrated circuit integration and testing capabilities that Intel anticipates will occur through 2027.

Investment for over 4.5 billion dollars

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“Intel anticipates that the investment in the new plant will reach up to USD 4.6 billion, and one of the assumptions is the possibility of expansion. Upon completion, this plant will offer employment for up to 2,000 Intel employees. The construction alone is expected to create several thousand additional jobs, and additional recruitment of thousands of workers by suppliers is expected. The project preparation and planning phase of the plant will begin immediately, and construction will begin after approval by the European Union.

As indicated, the new facility will help meet the expected future growth in demand for semiconductor integrated circuits and will help the European Union achieve its goal of creating a more resilient semiconductor supply chain.

“Intel’s investment in Poland, in conjunction with the existing plant for the production of so-called silicon wafers in Ireland and a second planned silicon wafer plant in Magdeburg (Germany), will help create the first of its kind in Europe, the most comprehensive and technologically advanced supply chain in the field of production of semiconductor integrated circuits. It will also be a catalyst for additional investments in the ecosystem and innovation in Poland and the entire European Union.

About Intel

Intel, headquartered in Santa Clara, California’s Silicon Valley, USA is a new technology concern founded in 1968 and one of the largest semiconductor producers in the world. American company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange produces, among others processors for personal computers, as well as IT and hardware solutions for data centers, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. In the EU, it employs approx. 10,000 people. employees.

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