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Internet fraud. He realized that he had been cheated when the “advisor” suggested taking out a loan. It was too late

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A 46-year-old man from Ciechanów County who wanted to earn money on cryptocurrencies lost over PLN 70,000. The man realized that he had fallen victim to fraud when a “financial advisor” offered him a loan for further investments. The police appeal for caution when making financial transactions.

As announced on Friday by the spokeswoman of the District Police Headquarters in Ciechanów, Asp. Magda Zarembska, first the 46-year-old was contacted by phone by a man with a “characteristic Eastern accent”, who presented an attractive offer of investing in cryptocurrencies and offered help, as he assured, that would bring quick and simple multiplication of financial resources.

Tempted by an attractive offer of profit, the 46-year-old, at the instigation of the interlocutor, installed remote desktop software on his computer. He also witnessed fraudsters transferring money from his account to the so-called investment account.

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– A resident of the Ciechanów district was convinced that the money invested in cryptocurrencies would quickly increase in value and that a large sum would soon appear in his account. Unfortunately, instead of profit, he suffered losses – emphasized Asp. Zarembska. She added that the man realized that he had fallen victim to fraud when the alleged financial advisor offered him a loan for further investments.

– The 46-year-old blocked access to his bank account and reported the matter to the police. More than PLN 70,000 disappeared from his account – said Asp. Zarembska.

First of all, common sense

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What to do to avoid such problems? · Above all, use common sense. The promise of a super-attractive investment is most often the method used by fraudsters. · Remember, only the account holder can log in and make transactions. NEVER share your bank account, login details or payment card details with ANYONE. · If a “consultant” suggests you install remote desktop software, you can be sure it’s a scam. · Check the credibility of the entity offering help related to investing money. · Never make decisions on the spur of the moment, think carefully and don’t give in to pressure.

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