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Internet scam – a woman installed a remote desktop program and lost $ 30,000 zloty

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A resident of Zamość installed a remote control program on her computer. She did it at the instigation of an online scammer and thus transferred, inter alia, data to a payment card and bank accounts. Hochsztapler paid out savings of almost PLN 30,000.

As the press officer, senior aspirant Dorota Krukowska – Bubiło from the City Police Headquarters in Zamość informed on Sunday, a 72-year-old resident of Zamość reported to the police with the information that she had been cheated.


The woman installed the program and lost PLN 30,000

A few days earlier, the woman entered her telephone number on the website of an investment firm that guarantees fast earnings. The next day, she was called by a man who introduced himself as an adviser and said that investing money should start with a deposit of $ 200. After fulfilling this commitment, the 72-year-old was to start earning.

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– The woman deposited the requested amount and was then contacted by a “personal advisor”. He explained that the money deposited has already been multiplied and he can receive the amount earned. However, in order to go through the money transfer procedure, he has to install a remote desktop management program on his computer, Krukowska-Bubiło said.

The police are calling for vigilance

The 72-year-old installed the program, gave the man the access code and logged into her bank account. She also provided her personal details, card details, including CCV number. She also said about her second account with another bank. She saw the man remotely managing her account. After some time, the woman was called by an employee of her bank, who wanted to make sure that she had made transfers for a total amount of PLN 20,000. zloty. Savings in the amount of over PLN 9 thousand were also withdrawn from the second account. zloty. The woman lost 29 thousand. zloty.

– We call for increased vigilance and caution in telephone contacts with persons offering financial services. All Internet investment offers should be carefully verified – added Krukowska-Bubiło.

Fraudsters continue their activities. They appeared on Thursday SMS warnings with false information about being sent to quarantine. We have received numerous signals on this matter on Contact 24.

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