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Friday, December 8, 2023

Internet scam. “American soldier” on the way to Poland, he was “only” to pay for the package with her savings

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He met an “American soldier” online. The relationship developed so well that she decided to come to Poland. You had to “only” pay for the postage with her savings. The 37-year-old paid and immediately got a request for another transfer, several times larger. He did not pay. “Soldiers” never saw.

Police officers from the District Police Headquarters in Sochaczew were notified of a fraud to the detriment of a 37-year-old. The victim reported that he met a person claiming to be an “American soldier”. For a while, they exchanged messages with each other several times a day.

The first request to pay for the package

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– Last week, a man received a message in which a woman asked for help sending and receiving a package from the USA to Poland. The package was to contain the woman’s life savings, and she herself would reach Poland as soon as she settled her affairs. The woman also mentioned that she would probably have to pay a customs and tax fee of one thousand US dollars, informs Asp. Agnieszka Dzik from the Sochaczew police.

Then the second

Some time later, a resident of the Sochaczew poviat received a call from a man who informed that the package was already in Poland, but it was necessary to transfer funds to the bank account indicated by him. The man transferred over PLN 6,000. Then he was informed that he had to pay an additional $10,000 penalty for the package. No second transfer.

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We warn against scammers. Be careful when making new friends on social media or other websites on the Internet. Be especially vigilant if the person you meet asks you for money. Fraudsters usually avoid phone calls; they also avoid indicating the places they come from, and their accounts on social profiles do not contain any personal information, photos with family, place of work, residence. They gain the victim’s trust by making regular contact and providing false life stories; they ask for financial assistance, e.g. to buy a plane ticket or to cover the fees for sending a package; criminals are constantly modifying their modus operandi; you should inform the police about all attempts to extort money.

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