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Internet scam. She gave the “advisor” access to the account, and he immediately applied for a loan

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Tempted by a quick profit on cryptocurrencies, she gave the “advisor” remote access to her computer and account. And he immediately applied for a loan on her behalf. Only thanks to the quick reaction, the woman did not lose all her money.

A 49-year-old resident of the commune of Płońsk reported to the Płońsk police. Załuski, who in mid-March noticed an announcement on one of the social networks about the possibility of making quick money by investing in cryptocurrencies. After clicking the provided link, she got acquainted with the offer of the investment platform.

Persuasive “advisor”

Later that same day, a man claiming to be an analyst called her and offered to help her invest money. Tempted by the possibility of quick earnings, she followed the instructions given by this “advisor” and others who contacted her on the same matter, informs Komm. Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska, press officer of the Płońsk police. – She installed a communicator on her phone, through which the “analyst” was supposed to contact her, she also paid PLN 900 to the bank account number provided and set up an account on the investment platform.

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He “just” had to check the account

When she wanted to get her money back, she was assured that she had already earned two thousand zlotys, but that the “advisor” had to “only” check her account to get them to her account. At his insistence, the 49-year-old woman installed remote service software on her computer, and then, logging into her electronic banking, also gave him access to the account.

– He immediately applied for a loan of PLN 20,000 on her behalf. Only thanks to her quick reaction, blocking the account, payment cards and reporting to the bank’s hotline, the woman did not lose more money – adds Kom. Kinga Drężek-Zmysłowska.

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What is worth remembering in order not to fall victim to fraudsters during online transactions: · when starting investing in the stock market, get to know the market, gather information about the platforms where you intend to invest money, pay attention to the consequences that the planned investment may bring; · always check the entity that the interlocutor represents – verify opinions about him on the Internet by entering the name of the entity in the search engine with various auxiliary keywords, e.g. “fraud”, “credibility” or “opinions”; · do not install software recommended by your interlocutors/market analysts; · never make decisions on the spur of the moment, think about it and don’t succumb to pressure; · do not be tempted by seemingly attractive offers or high earnings; · never click on unknown links; · do not install unknown applications on your phone or other devices on which you operate your online banking; do not share data, especially information regarding ATM card payments, do not provide passwords, pins or access codes; · if you are not sure about something or something raises your doubts, resign from completing the transaction.

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